Christmas Shopping Word Problems

Santa writing his list

Enjoy the five worksheets with answers on the second page of each PDF. The problems require adding money between $10.00 to $500.00. Students have a list of items with prices and have to calculate the prices which sometimes require tax to be added in and discounts to be applied. These are suitable for grades 5 to 8.

Worksheet 1 of 5, With Example

Worksheet 1. D. Russell

iPad Mini = $269.04                    X Box = $365.91
scooter = $110.17                      Lego Minecraft = $74.72
Razor Crazy Cart = $104.38        Barbie Camper = $29.00
Snow Glow Elsa = $37.36           Zoomer Dino = $28.33
Gaming Chair = $107.60             Lego Friends = $58.63

1.  What is the total cost of a Lego Friends and a scooter?
2. What is the total cost of an iPad Mini and a Gaming Chair if the sales tax is five
3. If Jennifer buys a Gaming Chair, what will her change be if she pays $120.00?
4. Michele purchases an X Box. How much change will she get back from $380.00?
5. If Allan wanted to buy a scooter and a Lego Friends, how much would he have to
6. What is the total cost of a scooter and a Zoomer Dino if the sales tax is 5%?
7. If Brian buys an iPad Mini and a Lego Minecraft, how much change will he get back
from $350.00?
8. Michele purchases a Barbie Camper. How much change will she get back from
9. If Audrey wanted to buy a Lego Friends and an iPad Mini, how much would it cost
10. What is the total cost of a Zoomer Dino if there is a five percent sales tax?

Worksheet 2 of 5

Worksheet 2. D. Russell

Worksheet 3 of 5

Worksheet 3. D. Russell

Worksheet 4 of 5

Worksheet 4. D. Russell

Worksheet 5 of 5

Worksheet 5. D. Russell