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Christmas is celebrated each year on December 25 by religious and secular families, alike. For Christian families, the holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. For secular families, it is a time for gathering with family and friends.

For all families who celebrate the holiday, the Christmas season is a time of gift-gifting, serving others, and extending goodwill to our fellow man.

There are many symbols traditionally associated with Christmas, but how did they become so widely accepted?

Evergreens have a long history of symbolism dating back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. The tradition of the Christmas tree as we know it began in Germany. Martin Luther, a 16th-century German religious leader, is said to have been the first to add candles to the branches of an evergreen tree in his home.

The candy cane also has its origins in Germany. When people first began decorating Christmas trees, candy sticks were among the edible ornaments they used. It is said that the choirmaster of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany had the sticks shaped with a hook at the end like a shepherd's crook. He passed them out to children attending living creche ceremonies. The tradition spread due to its effectiveness in keeping children quiet!

The tradition of the Yule log dates back to Scandinavia and the winter solstice celebration. It was carried into the Christmas traditions by Pope Julius I. Originally, the Yule log was an entire tree that was burned throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas. It was considered bad luck for the Yule log to burn out before the celebration ended.

Families were not supposed to allow the Yule log to burn completely. They were supposed to save a portion of it to begin the fire for the Yule log the following Christmas.

Teach your children or classroom students more about the symbols associated with Christmas using this free printables set.

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Vocabulary Worksheet

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Vocabulary Sheet

Introduce children to the symbols of Christmas with this vocabulary worksheet. They can use the Internet or library resources to research each of the symbols. Students should find out what each represents and how it came to be related to Christmas. Then, they will write each word from the word bank on the line next to its description.

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Word Search Puzzle

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Word Search

Let students review the symbols of Christmas from the previous activity with this word search puzzle. Each symbol from the word bank can be found among the jumbled letters of the puzzle.

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Crossword Puzzle

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Crossword Puzzle

See how well your children remember the symbolism of Christmas with this fun crossword puzzle. Each clue describes something associated with Christmas. Choose the correct symbol for each clue from the word bank to correctly complete the puzzle.

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Trivia Challenge

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Challenge

Challenge your students to see how much they remember about the various symbols of Christmas. They should choose the correct term from the four multiple-choice options for each description.

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Alphabet Activity

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Alphabet Activity

Young children can practice their alphabetizing, ordering, and critical-thinking skills with this activity. Students should write the words from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Tree Puzzle

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Tree Puzzle Page

Young children can put their fine motor and problem-solving skills to work with this colorful Christmas puzzle. First, let them cut the pieces apart along the white lines. Then, they can mix the pieces up and reassemble them to complete the puzzle.

Note: For best results, print on card stock.

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Draw and Write

Print the PDF: Christmas Symbols Draw and Write Page

This activity allows children to express their creativity while practicing their handwriting and composition skills. Students should draw a picture of one of the symbols of Christmas. Then, write about what the symbol means on the blank lines provided.

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Christmas Gift Tags

Print the PDF: Christmas Gift Tags

Children can cut out these colorful gift tags to decorate the gifts they'll exchange with friends and family.

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Christmas Stocking Coloring Page

Print the PDF: Christmas Stocking Coloring Page

A stocking is a well-known Christmas symbol. Let children have fun coloring this cheerful stocking while you read a Christmas story aloud.

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Candy Cane Coloring Page

Print the PDF: Candy Cane Coloring Page

Candy canes are another popular - and tasty! - Christmas symbol. Ask your children if they remember how candy canes came to be associated with the holiday as they color this coloring page.

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Jingle Bells Coloring Page

Jingle Bells Coloring Page

Print the PDF: Jingle Bells Coloring Page

Sing "Jingle Bells" while you enjoy this jingle bells coloring page. 

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