Christmas Word Problem Worksheets

Samples for Second and Third Grade

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Word problems can be perceived as the dreaded bane of your students' existence, or they can be a walk in the park. The amount of practice your students have working with word problems affects their confidence level in this area. 

Design Christmas word problem worksheets that are suitable for second and third-grade students. The sample questions adhere to math standards for those grades. Most of these word problems focus on number sense. 

Here's some simple math for you. If word problems are applied in real-world scenarios that children enjoy, the likelihood increases that they will find the problems easy to solve.

Easy Christmas Math Word Problems

In terms of fun word problem scenarios, you can incorporate Christmas themes into the problems. Most children enjoy the Christmas season, even those who don't celebrate the holiday. Images of jolly snowmen and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer delight children during this time. Now, pair Christmas-based situations with math word problems to delight young students.

Students at a very young age need to practice solving problems when the unknown value is at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the word problem. Using this strategy will help children become better problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Before you assign word problems to your students, make sure that you vary the types of questions. The variety will help create good thinking habits among your students.

Second Grade

For second grade worksheets, you will note that addition and subtraction problems are the most appropriate. One strategy to help students in the younger grades to think critically is to consider changing where the unknown value is.

For instance, look at the following question:

"For Christmas, you got 12 candy canes in your stocking and 7 from the tree. How many candy canes do you have?"

Now, look at this transposition of a word problem:

"You wrapped 17 presents and your brother wrapped 8 presents. How many more presents did you wrap?"

Third Grade

By third grade, your students have started to get comfortable with fractions, multiplication, and division. Try incorporating some of these elements into your third-grade worksheets.

For example, "your string of Christmas lights has 12 bulbs on it, but 1/4 of the bulbs don’t work. How many bulbs do you have to buy to replace the ones that don’t work?"

The Value of Words

Word problems take math understanding to the next level. By meshing reading comprehension skills with everything already learned in mathematics, your students are becoming critical problem solvers.

Real-world scenarios show students why they need to learn math, and how to solve the real problems they will encounter. Help connect these dots for your students.

Word problems are an important assessment tool for teachers. If your students are able to comprehend and solve word problems, it shows you that your students are grasping the math being taught to them. Kudos for the guidance you provide. Your hard work is paying off.

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