Christmas Writing Paper With Decorative Borders

Free Printables Make Christmas Writing Bright

Printable Christmas writing paper will make writing Yuletide missives a lot more fun for you and your students. The printables range from candy cane and holly borders to Christmas tree lights and even snowflakes. To enhance learning and increase seasonal theme work, pair these printables with Christmas writing worksheets, which include seasonal writing activities, thematic lessons, and more writing printables.

Consider showing Christmas-themed movies or documentary films about the Christmas season, or winter in general, to enhance your lessons and really bring the season to life. Have students find pictures in magazines or on the internet to add to the decor in your room. Or, have students bring winter-themed photos from home to share and post around the room. Your boards will be more attractive and your writers will be more enthusiastic as they create stories about a favorite holiday on this festive paper.

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Candy Cane Page

A candy cane border for Christmas Writing. Websterlearning

Interwoven candy canes make their way around this generic holiday writing paper to stimulate your students' best efforts. Have students write a letter to Santa, or perhaps have them write to their parents, a friend, or a relative. Enhance the lesson by having students correctly address envelopes to the person or people to whom they are sending letters. 

Make the lesson even more memorable by making homemade candy canes. If the students are very young, consider making the homemade candies at home and bringing them in. Give each student a candy cane to attach to their letters. If your students are a bit older, consider making the candy canes with their help.

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Holly Bordered Page

Writing paper with a holly border

Holly adds a festive touch to a Christmas writing activity. You can also enhance this lesson by bringing a bit of real holly to show the students. Turn the letter-writing event into a botany lesson by explaining to students that there are 18 species of holly and that this plant can be deciduous or evergreen and grow into trees, shrubs, or lianas.

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Christmas Tree Light Page

Christmas paper with a Christmas Tree Light border.

A string of Christmas tree lights acts as a border for this Christmas writing page. It may inspire your students to write about their Christmas tree and other family traditions. It's easy to enhance this lesson: Bring in Christmas lights and string them around the room or even around a bulletin board where you'll display the letters. You can even turn this into a science project by talking about who invented the light bulb and how electric lights work.

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Christmas Snowflake Page

A snowflake border for Christmas writing

This paper with a border of snowflakes would be a great page to use to write about favorite winter activities. If students are struggling to think of activities, prompt them by writing the following activities on the board:

  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Downhill cross-country skiing.
  • Building a snowman or snow fort
  • Having a snowball fight
  • Going on a winter hike
  • Going ice fishing
  • Going snow tubing
  • Playing pond hockey.
  • Shoveling snow for someone in need

If you're not in a region where these activities occur, find videos or images on the internet or even pictures from magazines to show students.

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