Christmas Writing Printables

Resources to Support Writing During the Holidays

Students get excited about Christmas. These writing resources give your students opportunities to expand their writing skills on topics they find really fun and exciting.  On each page you will find a link that you can click to create the pdf file or files.  You may want to create your own models, as you utilize these free printables.  You might also choose to use these pages to create a class Christmas book that you copy, your students assemble, and take home as a keepsake for their second, third or even fourth grade class!

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Structured Christmas Writing Activities

Structured writing activities for Christmas. Websterlearning

These Christmas writing worksheets provide models at the top of each page, as well as directions for how to write a complete paragraph.  These ask students to write a topic sentence, three detail sentences and a conclusion. Perfect for emerging writers who have progressed past "fill in the blank" worksheets. 

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Christmas Writing Themes

A structured paragraph for Christmas wrapping. Websterlearning

Each printable has a single topic with suggestions to help you structure your writing.  True graphic organizers, these paragraph prompts provide a visual reminder to help your students create their own paragraphs.  Perhaps a rubric would be a great way to structure the activity and assure good quality writing.

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Christmas Writing Paper

Christmas writing paper with candy cane. Websterlearning

We provide free printables with different decorative borders to encourage your students with Christmas writing projects.  Provide these attractive blank pages to your students and it will generate lots and lots of interest. Why not give a different writing prompt to go with each of the frames: candy canes, holly and Christmas lights.  They will also make your holiday Christmas bulletin boards, as well. Or try a cutting activity!

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More Christmas Writing Templates

A Christmas Writing Worksheet. Websterlearning

These Christmas writing templates have decorative headings to help spur student writing.  You can create your own writing prompts, or see what your students consider to be appropriate topics for each of the spaces. For non-Christian students, you can provide the snow man to help them write about their favorite winter activities. 

Who Doesn't Love Christmas?

Motivation is seldom a challenge when given a Christmas writing activity. Considering how many or our students will use inappropriate behavior to avoid writing? Not when it involves Santa, or presents or Christmas trees. These resources provide a range of supported writing opportunities, from filling the blanks (the Christmas Rhymes book) to writing independently (the bordered Christmas writing printables.) Hopefully your students will knock themselves out!

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