Chronological List of African Independence

Algerian demonstrators outside Government House, carrying Charles de Gaulle posters during the Algerian war of independence
Algerian demonstrators outside Government House, carrying Charles de Gaulle posters during the Algerian war of independence. Stan Meagher/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
CountryIndependence DatePrior ruling country
Liberia, Republic of26 July 1847                 --
South Africa, Republic of31 May 1910       Britain
Egypt, Arab Republic of28 February 1922       Britain
Ethiopia 1, People's Democratic Republic of5 May 1941       Italy
Libya (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)24 December 1951       Britain
Sudan, Democratic Republic of1 January 1956       Britain/Egypt
Morocco 2, Kingdom of2 March 1956       France 
Tunisia, Republic of20 March 1956              France
Ghana, Republic of6 March 1957       Britain
Guinea, Republic of2 October 1958       France
Cameroon 3, Republic of1 January 1960       France
Senegal, Republic of4 April 1960       France
Togo, Republic of27 April 1960       France
Mali, Republic of22 September 1960       France
Madagascar, Democratic Republic of26 June 1960       France
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the30 June 1960       Belgium
Somalia, Democratic Republic of 1 July 1960       Britain
Benin, Republic of1 August 1960       France
Niger, Republic of3 August 1960       France
Burkina Faso, Popular Democratic Republic of5 August 1960       France
Côte d'Ivoire, Republic of (Ivory Coast)7 August 1960       France
Chad, Republic of11 August 1960       France
Central African Republic13 August 1960       France
Congo (Brazzaville), Republic of the15 August 1960       France
Gabon, Republic of17 August 1960       France
Nigeria 4, Federal Republic of1 October 1960       Britain
Mauritania, Islamic Republic of28 November 1960       France
Sierra Leone, Republic of27 April 1961       Britain
Tanzania, United Republic of9 December 1961       Britain
Burundi, Republic of1 July 1962       Belgium
Rwanda, Republic of1 July 1962       Belgium
Algeria, Democratic and Popular Republic of3 July 1962       France
, Republic of9 October 1962       Britain
Kenya, Republic of12 December 1963       Britain
Malawi, Republic of6 July 1964       Britain
Zambia, Republic of24 October 1964       Britain
Gambia, Republic of The18 February 1965       Britain
Botswana, Republic of30 September 1966       Britain
Lesotho, Kingdom of4 October 1966       Britain
Mauritius, State of12 March 1968       Britain
Swaziland, Kingdom of6 September 1968       Britain
Equatorial Guinea, Republic of12 October 1968       Spain
Guinea-Bissau5, Republic of24 September 1973
(alt. 10 September 1974)
Mozambique, Republic of25 June 1975       Portugal
Cape Verde, Republic of   5 July 1975       Portugal
Comoros, Federal Islamic Republic of the6 July 1975       France
São Tomé and Principe, Democratic Republic of12 July 1975       Portugal
Angola, People's Republic of11 November 1975       Portugal
Western Sahara 628 February 1976       Spain
Seychelles, Republic of29 June 1976       Britain
Djibouti, Republic of27 June 1977       France
Zimbabwe, Republic of18 April 1980       Britain
Namibia, Republic of21 March 1990       South Africa
Eritrea, State of24 May 1993       Ethiopia


  1. Ethiopia is usually considered to have never been colonized, but following the invasion by Italy in 1935-36 Italian settlers arrived. Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed and went into exile in the UK. He regained his throne on 5 May 1941 when he re-entered Addis Ababa with his troops. Italian resistance was not completely overcome until 27th November 1941.
  2. Also for Morocco:
    Morocco (Spanish Northern Zone,Marruecos)7 April 1956       Spain
    Morocco (International Zone, Tangiers)29 October 1956         --
    Morocco (Spanish Southern Zone,Marruecos)27 April 1958      Spain
    Morocco (Ifni)30 June 1969      Spain
  3. Also for Cameroon
    Cameroon (British Cameroon South)1 October 1961 Britain
  4. Also for Nigeria
    Nigeria (British Cameroon North)1 June 1961  Britain
  5. Guinea-Bissau Unilateral Declaration of Independence on 24 September 1973, now considered as Independence Day, however independence was only recognized by Portugal on 10 September 1974 as a result of the Algiers Accord of 26 August 1974.
  1. Western Sahara was immediately seized by Morocco, a move contested by Polisario (Popular Front for the Liberation of the Saguia el Hamra and Rio del Oro).