Chupacabras Sightings - True Stories

Meaning "goat sucker", chupacabras is the name given to a mysterious creature that walks or hops on two legs, has short forelegs, sometime red eyes, a quill running down its back. It may also have wings and might be able to fly. Sightings seem to have begun in Puerto Rico, other Latin America countries and the U.S. South. Here are some true reader stories of sightings from all over.

Chupacabra in Warwickshire

ryan burke / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

In 1995, this creature was seen in England, having small, black, lifeless eyes, and large, needlelike teeth.

Chupacabra Sighting

Virginia is the setting for this sighting in 1996 or 1997.

Chupacabras Attack

Three men are asleep in a tent when they are attacked by a creature that they saw running away on two feet.

Chupacabras Attacks Hogs

The hogs this hunter was tracking were killed by something that he's sure was not a bear.

Chupacabras in Arizona

A 40-pound creature is seen on a Navajo reservation.

Chupacabras in Arizona

In Tucson, Arizona, Sarah says she saw a creature with huge hind legs and spikes down its back.

Chupacabras in Dominican Republic

A 14-year-old boy is startled to see a bizarre creature eating one of his grandpa's pigs.

Chupacabras in East Texas

Seen near Crockett, Texas, this creature was 4 to 5 feet tall.

Chupacabras in Florida

In 1999, Nicole saw a running, hopping thing with green-red eyes and spikes on its back.

Chupacabras in Illinois?

While walking home one night in Naperville, Illinois, Tim spotted the creature.

Chupacabras in Illinois 2

"Forked, snake-like tongue, proboscis, charcoal-black skin, humanoid like, long legs with pointy knees, sends telepathic messages, moles, holes as ears, lipless, athletic, balanced in a way that's impossible...."

Chupacabras in Indiana

Bray gives a good decription of the creature he saw in St. John, Indiana in 2004.

Chupacabras in Maryland?

In 2000, Mary and her friend were driving in Maryland when they saw the weird creature.

Chupacabras in Mexico

While driving in Mexico, Pedro might have seen the Chupacabras, this one with wings.

Chupacabras in New Jersey?

This Chupa was encountered on a golf course in New Jersey; it hissed at the golfer.

Chupacabras Sighting

In Puerto Rico, a man sights the creature up in the trees -- and it urinated.

Chupacabras Visit

Sonoran says he saw the creature climbing into his bed!

Gray Chupacabras in Michigan

This creature, seen on N. Holly Rd. near Holly, Michigan at 4 in the morning, was large.

Chupacabra in Hawaii

This creature was said to have looked like a hairy gargoyle with wings, huge claws and red eyes.

Manteca Chupacabras

This sighting was in 1984 in Menteca, California, and it has red eyes and big teeth.

The Marlboro Monster

"To describe this thing, it was around 4-5 feet tall, and had dark skin. I didn't notice any hair on its body from where I was, and it had a larger than normal head for its size, with larger than normal eyes...."

Red-Eyed Gremlin

Scott says he saw a creature that was about 3-4 feet tall with scaly green skin and small brown spines down its back.

Weird Creature in the Dogwood

"The creature was rather large, perhaps around 4 feet in length and about the size of a fox. It was all gray except for its long skinny tail that had black and white stripes along it, like those lemurs from Madagascar...."

Chupacabra in Texas

This creature, seen in Houston, Texas, was three feet tall, had red eyes like a mutant, kind of furry, and resembled a goat or baby cow.

West Java Chupacabras

Villagers report that some of their sheep had been killed and sucked their blood dry.