Classical Guitar Music CD's You Mustn't Live Without

Classical guitar music has a cool, sensual, and articulate sound that can be simultaneously lyrical and percussive. It's a genre of music capable of evoking a kaleidoscope of feelings (desire, angst, happiness, etc.), making it one of the most universally accepted styles of music. If you've never really listened to classical guitar music, then it's time for you to get on the music train and enjoy the ride. Here are the five albums you mustn't live without.

This is one of the best classical guitar music CDs recorded. Its 100% Spanish sound will quickly sweep you off your feet while simultaneously melting away any anxieties you may have. With works like Bizet's "Habenera" and Rodrigo's, several of the works on the album are easily recognizable. Most of the album is performed on solo guitar, though several of the tracks are accompanied by a couple of instruments. If you don't already own this album, don't wait any longer -- you will not be disappointed. If you buy it on iTunes, its title changes to "Spanish Classical Guitar", and if you still have trouble finding it, look up "Antonio de Lucena."

"Suite Music for the Classical Guitar" performed by Brian Morris is a soulful and delightful interpretation and synthesis of popular, folk, and jazz music from Argentina, the UK, and the USA. Unlike Spanish Guitar Classics, "Suite Music for the Classical Guitar" has a completely different feel. Though it too is laid back and relaxed, one can sense the driving force behind the suites are their structures rather than their melodies. However, that is what makes this album unique and a definite must-have.

Andrei Krylov's "Russian Classical Guitar Music" has a depth and richness of sound unlike any other album on this list, making it a welcoming contrast, especially to Morris' "Suite Music for the Classical Guitar". Its distinct, almost haunting, Russian flavor is interlaced with sweet melodic lines that enrapture the listener.

Created amidst of the great outdoors in a small cabin underneath the vast blue sky, far away from the hubbub of the modern world, this album is a meditation of the "spirit world and nothingness" -- though one could argue that Krylov's creation of nothingness is indeed something... something very special. "Dreams of Sky Lake", without rough harmonies and rigid melodies often found in popular music, provides us listeners with a soothing and calming "sound-scape". 

If you haven't already noticed, Andrei Krylov's classical guitar music makes up over half of this list. His expertise and mastery over the instrument are apparent on all three albums. On "Sunset", apart from the classics of great Baroque and Classical composers such as Bach, Rameau, Giordano, Handel, and Vivaldi, Krylov composed several works of his own in a similar style.

"Mediterraneois a collection of works, many of which were originally composed for piano, by Tarrega, Albéniz, Granados, Domeniconi, Theodorakis, and Llobet. Miloš Karadaglić performs each piece beautifully as if they were written for classical guitar.