Classroom Activities for Groundhog's Day

5 Ways to Recongize Groundhog's Day in Your Classroom

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Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? On February 2nd, the world awaits to see if the famous groundhog will see his shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter, or if he will stay outside and spring will come early. This legendary question is at the forefront of everyone mind and classrooms all over the nation await with excitement. Help students explore Groundhog's Day by participating in the following five fun classroom activities.

1. Look Who's Hibernating

Groundhogs are not the only animal that hibernate. Many animals hibernate like bears, frogs, mice, squirrels, skunks, hamsters, and even bats to name a few. Have students choose two animals that hibernate beside the groundhog to research and learn three facts about. Allow students to look through books and browse the internet to find these facts. Once they have chosen their facts have them write them down in a small booklet. Each page should be designated to one animal and have at least three facts about each animal on the page. Once they have completed their task have them present their findings to the class.

2. Making Predictions

Each year as we await the groundhogs' predication we tend to make our own predication whether the groundhog will see his shadow or not. For this activity have students cast their vote on what they think will happen. On the front board draw a sun, and a cloud right next to one another.

Then, one by one have students come up and write their name under the picture that they think the groundhog will choose. The sun for spring to come early, or the cloud for another six weeks of winter. When students are finished keep it on the board until you hear what Punxsutawney Phil saw on February 2nd.

3. Shadow Legends

Explain to students that a legend is a story that has been handed down for generations and doesn't necessary have to true. Then tell students about the legend of the groundhog. Next, challenge students to write their own legend about an animal of their choosing. Encourage them to be creative and chose a different date other than February 2nd. Ask students to illustrate their work and share it with the class when they are finished.

4. Burrowing Back Home

Spend Phil back to his burrow by having students participate in this fun game. To prepare gather a bunch of brown balls (to represent the groundhog) and divide students into two teams. Have each team create a fun name for themselves, then have them line up in a relay race line. On your go, students must take turns tossing their ball into a basket that is across the classroom. One person from each team goes and continues to go until the whistle blows. The team with the most groundhogs in the burrow wins!

5. Ground + Hog

Compound words have never been so much fun! This fun learning center activity will have students smitten. To prepare, brainstorm weather related compound words and write each part of the word on a card. For example: after-noon, rain-coat, sun-shine, spring-time.

Then instruct students that when they are at the learning center they need to choose a partner to play the game. To play, each student takes ten cards from each pile. If he or she can make a compound word they get to keep the cards. Play continues until the player with the most matches wins.

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