Classroom Door Decorations for Teachers

A Great Selection of Unique Ideas for Your Classroom Door

Olympic Door Decoration submitted by Lindsay Springer of Buffalo NY. Photo Courtesy of Janelle Cox

Your classroom door is the first thing people see when they walk past your classroom. To make sure your door stands out, take the time to create a unique display that represents your students or your teaching style. Create your classroom door decoration display by yourself, or enlist your students to help. By adding a little color and imagination to your classroom, you will have your students beaming with excitement.


"Sweet" Back to School Display A fun and tasty way to welcome your students back to school is to create a door display titled "Off to a SWEET Start." Create giant cupcakes and write each student's name on each one using sprinkles and glue. For the background, buy pink wrapping paper or use a colorful plastic table cloth. Mount a few colorful, edible lollipops for the students to eat later, and you have yourself a "sweet" back to school door display.


Happy Holidays To create a fantastic winter door display, have each student trace and cut out a medium sized green star. Then have each student place a photograph of themselves on the center of the star. Next, have students decorate stars with craft supplies such as sequins, glitter, markers, pom-poms, rhinestones, ribbon, etc. Once stars are completed, display them in the shape of a Christmas tree with your star in the center. Use red wrapping paper for the background, and brown paper for the stem of the tree. For an added touch, place Christmas lights around and/or throughout the tree.


Look at our Garden Grow After a long winter, spring into the season with a cute door decoration that will have the students and faculty beaming when they walk by. Have each student create a flower out of colored construction paper. On each pedal have them write something they have learned so far throughout the school year. Then place their photo in the middle of the flower and on the stem write their name in glitter. To create the backdrop use blue paper to represent the sky, yellow paper to represent the sun and green paper to use as the grass. Mount the flowers all around the grass in various sizes and title it "Look at our Garden Grow."


End-of-the-Year Display A fun and unique way to end the school year and lead into summer vacation is to enlist the help of your students to create a picnic display. To begin have each student decorate a paper plate with a photo of their self and a favorite memory they have from the school year. Mount the paper plates on a checkered table cloth background and title it "_____ Grade Was … A Picnic!" For a fun (and gross) touch have students create little ants to place around the classroom door.

Additional Ideas

Here are a few other ideas I have seen in the classroom, around the internet or made up on my own:

  • "Cruising into a New School Year" - Create a sea blue backdrop and mount boating and sea items.
  • "We are a Class to Tweet About" - Mount birds or write "Twitter" phrases about your students.
  • "You Make our School Pop" - Create a HUGE popcorn bag and write students' names on the kernel.
  • "Welcome to the Best Place to Bee" - Create a bee hive and place students' names on each bee.
  • "Mrs._____ Class is Souring to New Heights" - Create a HUGE hot air balloon and place students' names on each balloon.
  • "Hopping into ______ Grade." - Create paper frogs and place each students' name on one.

Looking for more ideas? Here a few creative bulletin board ideas to try in your classroom.

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