German Phrasebook: In the Classroom

This phrasebook, a collection of English-German phrases and expressions for the German-language classroom, is intended as an aid for students who will use the target language (die Zielsprache: Deutsch) in a classroom setting. For beginners, use of a phonetic German Alphabet can help with pronunciation, as this guidance is not included here.

Showing Respect

Forms of Address: Mrs./Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Schmidt

Anredeformen: Frau Schmidt, Herr Schmidt

Note: Always address your teacher, professor, or other school personnel as Sie! Your fellow students should be addressed as du (one) or ihr (more than one).

Common Classroom Phrases

Hi there! Hi everyone!
Hallo allerseits! Hallo alle zusammen!

Sorry I'm late.
Tut mir Leid, dass ich zu spät komme.

What does ___ mean?
Was bedeutet/heißt ___?

What's the German for ___?
Was heißt ___ auf Deutsch?

I don't understand.
Ich verstehe nicht.

More slowly, please.
Lamgsamer bitte.

Pardon? What was that? (I didn't understand)
Wie bitte? (Avoid Was?, the German equivalent of "Huh?")

Could you please repeat that? (to teacher)
Bitte wiederholen Sie das!

Could you please repeat that? (to student)
Noch einmal bitte!

May I go to the restroom?
Darf ich auf die Toilette?/aufs Klo?

Could I go out/leave for a minute?
Darf ich kurz mal hinausgehen?

How do you spell that?
Wie schreibt man das?

I've already done that.
Ich hab' das schon gemacht.

Do we have homework?
Haben wir Hausaufgaben?

Which page/exercise?
Welche Seite/Übung?

I don't know.
Ich weiß nicht.

I have no idea.
Ich habe keine Ahnung.

yes - no - OK
ja - nein - Schon gut.

What's the difference between ___ and ___?
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen ___ und ___?

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