Cleveland Launcher TL310 Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher TL310 Driver Sole
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The Cleveland Launcher TL310 driver is the model from the 2011 Cleveland Ultralite series that is targeted at lower handicap golfers.


  • Better than average distance
  • Solid feel and sound
  • Possibly too low a ball flight for some golfers


  • The total weight of the Cleveland Launcher TL310 is 310 grams
  • The stock shaft is a 59-gram Miyazaki C. Kua
  • Available in A, R, S and X flexes
  • Lofts: 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees in RH; 9.5 and 10.5 in LH
  • MAP at time of release was $299

Review: Cleveland Launcher TL310 Driver

April 26, 2011 - Golfers looking to gain a few more yards from their drives have a weighty matter to consider. In this case, perhaps it is a lack of weight that matters. Cleveland Golf is lightening up. Cleveland's Launcher Ultralite line of drivers, introduced in early 2011, features lightweight components that add up to very light drivers.

Cleveland's Launcher line of drivers has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers, and the Ultralite iteration presents a no-nonsense, results-oriented group of drivers. While golfers may not instinctively know what 270, 290 or 310 grams feels like, Cleveland has nicely parsed the weights to match up well with golfers' swing tempos and skill levels. The 270-gram model is for the smooth tempo swinger and mid-high handicapper. The 290-gram model is for the mid-handicap player with a faster swing. The 310 Tour model - the one we are reviewing - targets the lower handicap player. It should be noted however, that all models are available with a variety of shaft flexes. The shaft flex options reflect the fact that while Cleveland recommends these weight groupings, there is always room for personal taste.

How do these clubs perform? Very well. The driver tested, the Cleveland Launcher TL310, lived up to its billing as a club for a low handicapper. The 440cc head reflects what many golfers have expressed, that they want a more traditional-shaped driver head. At 45.25 inches, the length is manageable and goes against the trend for longer-length drivers. But, is there more length out on the course? The answer is yes. In testing by a variety of lower-handicap golfers, we observed distance gains of 5 to 9 yards - and with a solid feel and sound.

What's also impressive about this club is the care taken by Cleveland to take an authentic aftermarket shaft, the 59-gram Miyazaki C. Kua, and match its bend profile and weight to the entire club. I was skeptical that such a lightweight shaft would yield a flat, piercing ballflight preferred by lower-handicap players. However, the trajectory with the ultralight shaft was lower than many other heavier, high-kick shafts out there in the market. The mantra of launch and spin has been kept by the Cleveland Launcher TL310. Launch and spin numbers seen in the testing bear out that Cleveland has a (lightweight) champ of a driver in the Launcher TL310.