Cleveland Mashie Review: Performance Better Than Looks

Cleveland Mashie Hybrid
© Cleveland Golf

Lightweight offerings from Cleveland Golf continue with the retro-looking Cleveland Mashie hybrid, introduced by the company in 2011. Sole rails provide stability while a lighter-weight shaft produces increased clubhead speed for greater distance.

Pros of the Cleveland Mashie

  • "Gliderail" Sole provides stability through a variety of turf conditions
  • Lighter weight yields increased clubhead speed
  • Solid feel and sound at impact

Cons of the Cleveland Mashie

  • Grey finish, while "throwback," looks a little clunky
  • Offset appearance may not suit every eye

Keypoints About the Cleveland Mashie

A few details about the Cleveland Mashie hybrid:

  • 17-4 steel body with alloy face
  • Ultralight shaft technology
  • Designed to promote long, straight shots
  • MSRP at time of launch (in 2011) was $149.99
  • Available in five lofts (labeled M1, M2, etc.): 15.5 degrees, 18, 20.5, 23 and 26
  • The 15.5-degree is 41.25 inches in length, and the 26-degree is 39.25 inches in length
  • A, R, S, and X flexes

Review: Cleveland Mashie Hybrid

July 13, 2011 - Cleveland Golf continues to look forward while looking a bit to the past with its Mashie hybrid offering. The historical term "mashie" refers to a wooden shafted golf club whose loft most closely matched a modern 5-iron. But the Cleveland Mashie, with its variety of lofts and modern technology, isn't exactly an old-fashioned Mashie. Once you get past the name, you can settle in and really mash a Cleveland Mashie!

While the technology is modern, the finish on the Cleveland Mashie is a throwback to some of the early grey-headed hybrids, and the faux-knit headcover is an eye-catcher.

Cleveland Golf has been at the hybrid game for some while, so you are getting all the benefits of the latest generation. The Mashie is offered with lofts ranging from a modern 2-iron to 6-iron replacements. A variety of shaft flexes from senior to extra stiff ensure you'll find a Mashie club that fits your game.

Cleveland continues its ultra-lightweight quest and delivers with a stock graphite shaft from Miyazaki, the C. Kua, that weighs in at 59 grams, well below what other hybrids are packing. The result? Lighter weight that can yield higher swing speeds and greater distances. Another nice thing is that the bend profile of the Miyazaki shaft matches up well with what golfers want a hybrid to do: launch it high and land it soft from the tee, turf or rough. For the traditionalists, heavier shaft choices are available as a custom order from Cleveland.

The Mashie also produces a solid feel and sound at impact.

There are so many hybrids on the market presently that it's hard to settle on a single standout, but the Cleveland Mashie should be among the clubs you look at when considering a hybrid.