Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge Review

S Model Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 wedge
S Model Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 wedge. Cleveland Golf

The Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 wedges offer easier outs on sand shots and perform like chippers off the ol' block around greens.


  • Wide sole provides "can't miss" confidence.
  • Darker "black satin" finish frames the ball for better focus on each shot.
  • Easier shotmaking for higher handicaps.


  • Aesthetics and very wide sole may not appeal to lower handicaps.

Key Details About the Smart Sole 2.0 Wedges

  • Categorized by Cleveland Golf as "super game improvement" wedges.
  • A very wide sole helps with turf interaction, especially excessive digging, benefiting (among others) those hit who a lot of fat shots with wedges.
  • "Feel Plaques" on rear of clubhead improve vibration.
  • Finish is black satin.
  • The Smart Sole 2.0 C wedge has 42 degrees of loft; the S wedge has 58.

Playing the Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 Wedges

You've heard the old golf saying that "all the scoring is in the short game?" Likely true for most of us. But is that an area in which most of us see progress? Likely not. Cleveland Golf has (re)introduced its Smart Sole wedges for the short-game dummy in most of us. And that's not a condescending comment.

Wielding a precise wedge to chip it close or come out of the sand and land on the green, not over it, strikes fear into the heart of even the most experienced golfers. So Cleveland has addressed that fear with its latest release of the Smart Sole 2.0 line of wedges.

When Cleveland introduced its Niblick a few years ago, it hit a sweet spot for golfers who struggled mightily with their short game. That club introduced a wide sole and larger face that many who tried it found friendlier. The Niblick was followed closely with the first generation Smart Sole wedge. But, what are they exactly?

The "C" wedge is a chipper. At 42 degrees, it approximates a 9-iron in many sets. But with a wider face and sole, it is an effortless, easy way to get a ball on the edge of a green or in deeper rough out and to the hole. I found it best to use a putting-type stroke with the Smart Sole 2.0 "C."

The "S" wedge, as one can imagine, is a wide-faced, wide-soled sand wedge that with normal effort gets the ball heading out of the sand and onto the green, a feat many of us hold up there with walking on water.

The results? Higher handicappers do declare it a miracle that such little effort yields such solid shots. For lower and mid-handicappers, the clubs might take a little getting used to.

The soles are wide and look good in a golf bag. The topline is equally attractive, especially if confidence is what you seek. You'll have to decide if the Smart Sole 2.0 wedges have a place in your bag, but some of the higher-handicappers who hit it effused to me, "Why play anything else?"