Cobra King LTD Driver Review: Expanding Our Must-Have List

An exploded view of the Cobra King Ltd. driver, whose 'spaceport' lets the golfer see inside the clubhead.
An exploded view of the Cobra King Ltd. driver, whose 'spaceport' lets the golfer see inside the clubhead. Cobra Puma Golf

The Cobra King LTD Driver is a sleek-looking, strong-performing driver with plenty of adjustability options, a hotter face and ultimate forgiveness.


  • Shorter stock shaft means more control
  • 16-gram weight creates very low CG
  • MyFly loft technology controls loft and bias


  • Hmmm ... still thinking ...

Key Points About the Cobra King LTD Driver

  • The "Spaceport" on bottom of sole provides a window through which golfers can see the technology inside the clubhead - cool feature.
  • But that threaded "Spaceport" also helps lower the center of gravity position with 16 grams of weight.
  • Cobra says most drivers have a CG location above the "neutral axis line" (think above a line drawn from the center of the clubface through rear of driver), but King LTD's CG position is right on that neutral line.
  • That "neutral axis line" position, the company says, creates a higher launch angle, less spin and more ball speed.
  • Adjustability comes with Cobra's MyFly technology: 8 different loft settings, plus draw bias and neutral settings.
  • 460cc clubhead, 45-inch standard shaft, D4 swingweight.
  • Stock shaft offering is the Aldila Rogue Black 60.
  • A Cobra King LTD Pro version is also available.
  • MSRP at time of launch in 2015:  $449.99

Playing the Cobra King LTD Driver

Nov. 20, 2015 - I’m sorta stumped on this driver. Oh, not in a bad way: I just can’t seem to find anything to criticize about the King LTD driver from Cobra Golf.

According to Cobra, it’s the first driver with a "zero CG" – that's what Cobra calls the fact that the driver's center of gravity position is right on the clubhead's "neutral axis line." You don't have to understand the tech jargon, just understand this: higher launch and lower spin. (Most drivers have CG positions above that neutral axis line, Cobra says.)

A heavier 16-gram weight (what Cobra calls their “Spaceport”) adds to the cool factor and brings the center of gravity location just to neutral. While other drivers claim that higher launch/lower spin goal, Cobra engineers figured a way to build that Holy Grail into the King LTD.

The King LTD comes with Cobra’s MyFly technology featuring eight combinations from 9 to 12 degrees of loft and draw or neutral bias. For higher-speed swingers, Cobra has the LTD Pro, which features adjustability to slightly lower lofts and the ability to dial in fades.

Additionally, the company has resisted “longer shaft creep” and ships the King LTD with a factory length of 45 inches on a mid-60 gram shaft. Hurray! More accuracy.

At the same time, swightweight has gotten slightly heavier, to D4, which means you’re swinging what feels like a heavier weight on a shorter shaft – resulting in more pop, pow and whatever adjective you want. Average golfers were seeing 7-13 yards more without any loft adjustment compared to newer model drivers in our testing. Other golf manufacturers use similar material in their drivers, but Cobra has combined titanium and a face-surrounding speed channel, which seems to amplify the hotness of each driver strike.

The look is badass. A bold racing stripe slashes through the midnight black sole and curves up to the toe, announcing its presence even before a ball is teed.

While still 460cc, the smaller appearing crown of “TeXtreme” carbon fiber composite material has allowed 20-percent of the weight to be shifted elsewhere in the head. The sound is a muted thwack – solid, not hollow.

Overall, the club is very nicely balanced - "balance" applying to all the aspects of this club, from length to sound and feel.

While many companies have not yet released next year’s product, I’m definitely putting the King Cobra LTD on a must-have list.