Fun and Simple Mother's Day Activities for the Classroom

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Moms are magnificent! To help celebrate all the things these wonderful women do, we have compiled some Mother's Day activities. Use these ideas to help your students show their appreciation for the terrific women in their lives.

Fun Fact: Mother's Day dates back to the early 1800s. President Woodrow Wilson was the first to annually recognize this day as the second Sunday in May.

Bulletin Board

This show-stopping bulletin board is the perfect way to show appreciation to your students' mothers. Title the bulletin board "Moms Are Special" and have the students write and illustrate why they think their mom is special. Add a photo and attach a ribbon to each student's piece. The result is a stunning display for all of the moms.

Tea-rrific Moms

A perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day is to treat all of the mother's to a tea party to show them how terrific they are. Invite each mother to the classroom for some afternoon tea. Have students make each mother a card. On the card write, "You are"...and in the middle of the card, "Tea-rrific." Tape a tea bag onto the inside of the card. You may wish to compliment the afternoon tea with fun appetizers, such as mini cupcakes, tea sandwiches or even croissants.

Sing a Song

Teach your students a special song to sing to their mother on Mother's Day. Here is a collection of the top songs to sing for the mothers.

Write a Poem
Poetry is a wonderful way to have your students express their love and appreciation for their mothers. Use the following word list and poems to help your students come up with a poem of their own.

  • Use this list of words to help you create a poem, worksheet or creative writing activity.
  • A collection of classic poems to print and attach with a gift or craft.

Printable and Homemade Cards

Cards are a wonderful way for children to express their feelings and show their mothers how much they care about them. These cards are great when you're short on time; just simply print out, have your kids decorate or color them and then sign their names.

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