15 Quick and Easy College Breakfast Ideas

Mix up your morning routine with these easy meals

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If you're one of the rare college students who actually eat breakfast, chances are you're rushed for time and short on ideas. And if you're one of the many college students who skip breakfast, chances are you're hungry for most of the day.

Eating breakfast—even during your crazy-busy college years—is, as your mom told you, highly important. That little morning meal can help you focus, maintain your energy, prevent you from overeating throughout the day, and generally help kick-start your day. So what kinds of things can you eat that won't break the bank—or your waistline?

15 College Breakfast Ideas

  1. Muffins. You can buy pre-packaged muffins or you can make them yourself. Either way, they won't go stale for a while and they are easy to grab (and eat!) as you're running out the door.
  2. Toasted English muffin and peanut butter. It's easy. It's cheap. And it's full of protein to help you power through your day.
  3. Peanut butter and jelly. Even the busiest of students can find 30 seconds to put together this classic sandwich.
  4. A piece of fresh fruit. Consider an apple or a banana—they're nature's original to-go foods and they're good for you, too.
  5. Granola or energy bars. Keep an eye on the calories, but these little bars can pack a big dose of protein to help you make it through your morning.
  6. Veggies. Who says you can only have fruit for breakfast? Grab a bag of baby carrots and munch all the way to class. Added bonus: You can keep the snack bag with you throughout the day and munch as needed.
  7. Yogurt. You can get yogurt in a cup, in a smoothie, or even in a frozen pop. And yogurt is a healthy breakfast that often tastes like dessert. What's not to like?
  8. Cereal and milk. It's a classic for a reason. Consider buying cereal in bulk, too; you can split it with your friends and save some serious cash.
  9. Dry cereal in a baggie. Don't have time to eat a nice bowl of your favorite cereal with milk? Pour some cereal in a Ziploc bag for an instant, on-the-go snack.
  10. Trail mix. The stuff can last for weeks and is a great way to power up without losing too much time—or cash. Just make sure the mix you choose isn't candy in disguise.
  11. Breakfast burritos. You can buy frozen ones you can heat up in the microwave, or make your own ahead of time for maximum convenience and savings. Tortillas + scrambled eggs + cheese + other tasty items = an awesome breakfast you can eat on the run. Consider adding leftovers from last night's dinner (veggies, rice, beans, and meat) for variety and extra flavor.
  12. Frozen waffles or pancakes. You can buy these frozen or make them yourself and then freeze them. Either way, a quick drop in the toaster or microwave leads to a great hot breakfast with little to no effort.
  13. Pop Tarts or their equivalent. Consider buying a generic brand; you'll save money but still get a little morning treat.
  14. Cheese and crackers. Cut a few slices of cheese, grab some crackers, and throw everything in a small Ziploc bag. You'll have a tasty breakfast ready in under a minute.
  15. Dried fruit. A small baggie of dried apricots, pineapples, apples, or other fruits you enjoy is an easy way to get a healthy, fruit-based breakfast—without having to worry about the fruit going bad. Consider buying in bulk to save money.
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