College Farewell Party Themes

Ideas for Any School or Course of Study

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If you or someone you know is heading off to college, a college farewell party can be a fun way to celebrate the start of an exciting new chapter. The following themes can all help to make sure a farewell party is the perfect balance of celebration, acknowledgment, and fun.

Book Theme 

Don't think nerdy; think scholarly. A book-themed party can provide all kinds of creative ideas, whether it's a write-the-next-chapter-of-your-life idea or one that focuses on the academic nature of college. Additionally, decorating with books can be easy on the budget, as you (and your friends and neighbors) likely already have a ton of books you can use for centerpieces and the like.

State Theme

If you're going to college in a new state, consider making that state's history and reputation the theme. Places like Hawaii, New York, California, and even Idaho all have strong identities that you can use. Additionally, look into a state (or even specific college's) history for more ideas.

Sports-Team Theme

If your school is known, for example, for a great football team, that can easily become your farewell party theme. Similarly, if you're going to college in a town with famous professional teams -- like Boston -- those can also be adapted to a party theme as well.

Course-of-Study Theme

If you want to be a doctor, consider a party that revolves around those working in the medical field; children's playsets of doctors' coats and stethoscopes can easily become quick centerpieces and decorations. If you want to be a teacher, consider decorating with apples, books, chalkboards, and the like. Using what you want to study, or a job you'd like to have after you graduate can be a smart starting place for party themes.

Off-to-See-the-World Theme

This can be especially good if you're interested in studying abroad or majoring in something like international relations. The theme can easily carry over, too, with global maps, globes, and other world-theme decor. For an extra fun touch, see if someone can make an ice cream bombe that looks like the earth!

What-Will-You-Become? Theme

Conversely, however, some students go off to college as undeclared majors and have no idea what they want to study. If this is the case, use the party as a chance to explore the possibilities of what someone can do while they're away at school. Ask guests to write down their predictions for the future. Put out a crystal ball that sets the theme of what the future might hold. Sometimes the unknown itself can be a perfect farewell party theme.

Role Model Theme

If you, for example, a woman who is going off to study science, use the opportunity to acknowledge those who helped pave your path. Similarly, if you want to go to college so you can help your community or become politically active, find and display information about role models who helped you set your goals. It can be a great way for you to remind yourself of your internal motivations while also helping party guests learn about people they might not have heard about before.

College/University Theme

This one is so easy and yet so many folks don't even think about it. Plan your theme around the college you'll be attending. Use school colors for things like plates and decorations; have key people wear shirts advertising the name of your future college or university; ask to have a cake decorated with the logo of your school. It's easy and fun and can help everyone celebrate your excitement.

Ready-to-Bloom Theme

If you love flowers, gardening, nature, or environmental issues, having an "off-to-bloom!" theme can be original and creative. You can use small plants or even seed packets for decorations and party gifts. You can use the analogy of heading off to college as the start of someone really opening up and becoming him- or herself. This theme offers a lot of funky ideas for the right creative mind. But given how much growth and change happens during one's time in college, it can also be the perfect farewell party theme at the perfect time.