Longest Home Winning Streaks in College Football History

Home Field Advantage Leads to Impressive Wins

Orange Bowl stadium
Miami won 58 straight games at the Orange Bowl between 1985 and 1994. (Doug Benc/Getty Images)

No matter the sport, it's hard to beat a team on their home field. College football is one of the most challenging and when a team has a winning streak at home that spans many seasons, you can bet their fans are extra excited for game day.

Over the years, many teams have gone on impressive streaks of beating visiting teams. The dynamics of a college stadium have a lot to do with it. Home team players know the field and are pumped to play before the hometown crowd and fans show up in the many thousands to cheer on their team.

It can get so loud in some stadiums on a Saturday that the opposing team can't call a decent play.

The psychology of the home field advantage is a big factor and the following teams pulled it off for years.

Miami Wins 58 in a Row at Home

In the 1980s and early 90s, the University of Miami boasted the best program in college football. The Hurricanes were fast, mean, brash and, most importantly, utterly dominant. Nowhere were the 'Canes more dominant than the Orange Bowl, the stadium they called home.

Between 1985 and 1994, Miami won an astounding 58 straight games at home. This broke the record for the longest home winning streak previously held by Alabama, which won 57 straight at home between 1963 and 1982.

Longest Home Winning Streaks

Miami and Alabama were not the only teams to win every home game for more than a few years. Many great players kept their school's game day pride alive and played a role in these longest home winning streaks in college football history.

 Home Win StreakYears
Miami (Florida) Hurricanes58 games1985-1994
Alabama Crimson Tide57 games1963-1982
Harvard Crimson57 games1963-1982
Michigan Wolverines50 games1901-1907
Nebraska Cornhuskers47 games1991-1998
Washington Huskies44 games1908-1917
Texas Longhorns42 games1968-1976
Notre Dame Fighting Irish40 games1907-1918
Notre Dame Fighting Irish38 games1919-1927
Florida State Seminoles37 games1992-2001
Yale Bulldogs37 games1904-1908
Yale Bulldogs37 games1900-1903
Marshall Thundering Herd33 games1995-2000
Nebraska Cornhuskers33 games1901-1906

A Touchdown Away From an Unbeatable Streak

The Hurricanes may hold the title for the most home wins, but the Yale Bulldogs were just six points away from the ultimate home win streak. 

At the dawn of the 20th-century, the Bulldogs were unbeatable at home. They won every home game from 1900-1908 with the exception of one. It was November 14, 1903, when Princeton came to visit. The final score was 6-11.

Had it not been for that single loss, Yale's home win streak would have been 74 games rather than the consecutive 37 games a piece found in the today's record books. That truly would have been an unbeatable streak.