College Football's All-Time Career Rushing Touchdown Leaders

Navy's Keenan Reynolds Tops the List

Wisconsin Badgers: Ron Dayne reaches College Football Hall of Fame – Twin Cities. Credit: / Google Images

There have been a whole lot of prolific runners over the course of college football history. Running the ball well is a central aspect of nearly every successful college offense, and there has been no shortage of players able to do exactly that. 

Wisconsin is one school that is often associated with having a strong running game. Ron Dayne is almost certainly the most well-known tailback in the University of Wisconsin’s football history.

However, despite his fame, Dayne is actually not the most prolific Wisconsin tailback of all time when it comes to one extremely important category: Total rushing touchdowns.

That distinction goes to Badger star Montee Ball, who rushed for 77 total touchdowns during his time in Madison, Wisconsin. Ball’s 77 total rushing touchdowns were the most ever in the history of college football at the time; six more than Ron Dayne, who held the record at one time. 

Since then however, Ball’s total has been eclipsed by Navy’s Keenan Reynolds, who rushed for 83 total touchdowns during his career at Navy. Reynolds is the only player in the history of college football to rush for over 80 touchdowns, which is especially impressive when you consider the fact that Reynolds is a quarterback.As a quarterback, he has run for more career touchdowns than any running back in the history of college football. Reynolds is not the only quarterback on the top ten list however, as Nevada's Colin Kaepernick also had much success running the ball as a quarterback.

 Kaepernick finished his college career with 59 total rushing touchdowns. 

Ball remains second on the all-time list behind Reynolds, while Miami of Ohio’s Travis Prentice is third with 73 career rushing touchdowns. Only three other players have scored over 70 career rushing touchdowns: Texas’ Ricky Williams, who scored 72 total, Dayne, who scored 71, and Lousiana Tech’s Kenneth Dixon who scored 70 total touchdowns.


The top 10 All-Time Rushing Touchdown Leaders 

1. Keenan Reynolds, Navy (2012-20125): 83 career rushing touchdowns

2. Montee Ball, Wisconsin (2009-2012): 77 career rushing touchdown

3. Travis Prentice, Miami (Ohio) (1996-99): 73 career rushing touchdowns

4. Ricky Williams, Texas (1995-98): 72 career rushing touchdowns

5. Ron Dayne, Wisconsin (1996-1999): 71 career rushing touchdowns

6. Kenneth Dixon, Louisiana Tech (2012-2015): 70 career rushing touchdowns

7. Anthony Thompson, Indiana (1986-89): 64 career rushing touchdowns, Cedric Benson, Texas (2001-04): 64 career rushing touchdowns

8. Eric Crouch, Nebraska (1998-01): 59 career rushing touchdowns

9. Colin Kaepernick, Nevada (2007-10): 59 career rushing touchdowns

10. Ian Johnson, Boise State (2005-2008): 58 career rushing touchdowns

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