College Road Trip Ideas

Hitting the Road Might Be One of the Highlights of Your Time in School

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Thinking about taking a college road trip? Not sure where to start? One of the best things about road trips is their flexibility. Your road trip will be what you make of it—so set a goal in advance. (And don't forget to pack a camera ​other than the one in your phone!)

Plan a Sports-themed Trip

Into baseball, football, or basketball? Plan a trip to visit some of the most famous parks. Find out what the options are for taking a tour of the ballpark and if there are any special games going on while you're in town.

Additionally, consider attending games at minor league stadiums across the country. It'll feel like a step back in time and, if you're lucky, you just might find yourself watching a future sports star.

Plan a Food-themed Trip

Love soul food? Interested in finding the best vegan fare out there? Want to visit the best seafood places? Plan a trip that focuses on classic American cuisine and get ready to eat your heart out. (Think creatively about this one, too: several college students at Birmingham-Southern College earned credit for taking a road trip and studying southern barbecue.) As an added bonus, see if you can stop in at a restaurant that's been featured on a TV cooking show or, better yet, see if you can arrange to watch a show being filmed.

Plan a Visit to Places Near Your Home or School

You don't have to drive far to have a road trip be a success. Find some amazing places in your state, grab an atlas, and hit the road.

You just might surprise yourself at how far away you can feel when, in reality, you're still pretty close to home.

Plan a Trip Around Your Interests

Are you and your friends really interested in American history? The dynamics of border towns? Particular figures in American literature? Cities with a strong history of supporting the gay or civil rights movements?

With a little research and a little geek chic, you can have a fun and interesting Spring Break.

Plan a Pick-up-your-friends Themed Trip

Have several high school friends scattered around the state? Plan a trip to pick them all up over several days, ultimately arriving in a city of everyone's choosing. Enjoy the time catching up without having to worry about everyone's travel plans.

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