Spring Break Guide for College Students

13 Ideas for What to Do With Your Time Off

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Spring break—that last little bit of time off before the end of the academic year. It's something everyone looks forward to because it's one of the few times in college you truly get a break from the grind. At the same time, a week goes by fast, and you don't want to head back to class feeling you've wasted your free time. No matter what year you are in school, your budget or your vacation style, here are several ideas for what you can do to make the most out of your spring break.

1. Go Home

If you go to school away from home, taking a trip back can be a nice change of pace from college life. And if you're one of those students who isn't great at setting aside time to call Mom and Dad or keeping up with friends at home, this is a great opportunity to make up for it. This can be one of your most affordable options, too, if you're trying to save money.

2. Volunteer

See if any service-oriented campus organizations are putting together a volunteer-based spring break trip. Service trips like that offer a great opportunity to see a different part of the country (or the world) while helping others. If you're not interested in traveling far or can't afford a trip, ask organizations in your hometown if they could use a volunteer for a week.

3. Stay on Campus

Whether you live really far away or you're just don't want to pack up for a week, you may be able to stay on campus during spring break. (Check your school's policies.) With most people gone on break, you can enjoy a quieter campus, rest up, catch up on school work or explore parts of town you've never had time to visit.

4. Revisit Your Hobbies

Is there something you enjoy doing that you haven't been able to continue doing at school? Drawing, wall climbing, creative writing, cooking, crafting, playing video games, playing music—whatever it is you love to do, make some time for it during spring break.

5. Take a Road Trip

You don't have to drive across the country, but think about loading up your car with snacks and a couple of friends and hitting the road. You could check out some local tourist attractions, visit state or national parks or do a tour of your friends' hometowns.

6. Visit a Friend

If your spring breaks line up, plan to spend time with a friend who doesn't go to school with you. If your breaks don't fall at the same time, see if you can spend a few days where they live or at their school so you can catch up.

7. Do Something You Don't Get to Do at School

What don't you have time for because of the busyness of class and extracurricular activities? Going to the movies? Camping? Reading for fun? Make time for one or more of those things you love to do.

8. Go on a Group Vacation

This is the quintessential spring break. Get together with a bunch of your friends or classmates and plan a big trip. These vacations can cost more than many other spring break options, so do your best to plan in advance so you can save up. Ideally you'll be able to save a lot by carpooling and sharing lodging.

9. Take a Family Trip

When was the last time your family took a vacation together? If you'd like to spend more time with your family, propose a vacation during your spring break.

10. Make Some Extra Cash

You probably can't find a new job for just a week, but if you had a summer job or worked in high school, ask your employer if they could use some help while you're home. You could also ask your parents if there's any extra work at their jobs that you could help with.

11. Job Hunt

Whether you need a summer gig, want an internship or are looking for your first post-grad job, spring break is a great time to focus on your job hunt. If you're applying to or attending grad school in the fall, spring break is a good time to prepare.

12. Catch Up on Assignments

It may feel like you'll never make up the work if you've fallen behind in class, but you might be able to catch up during spring break. Set goals for how much time you want to dedicate to studying, so you don't get to the end of break and realize you're farther behind than you were before.

13. Relax

The demands of college will intensify after you get back from break, so make sure you're ready to face them. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, spend time outside, listen to music—do whatever you can to make sure you get back to school refreshed.

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