College Student Thanksgiving Guide

Learn What to Do and How to Make the Most of the Long Weekend

(ballyscanlon / Getty Images)

Thanksgiving break, for many college students, is an oasis in the middle of fall semester. It's a chance to return home and recharge; it's a chance to take a break from midterms and papers; it's a chance to get some good food and spend time with friends. Some students go home, some stay on campus, and others head to a friend or roommate's house to celebrate the holiday. No matter your situation, though, there are things you can do to make sure you squeeze every last drop out of the long weekend.

Friends, Family, & Relationships

Thanksgiving is nearly always about friends and family. And while every college student has a unique situation when it comes to their nearest and dearest, nearly everyone needs a little love around the holidays.

Heading Home

For many students, Thanksgiving is their first real trip home of the fall semester. But it's also one of the busiest travel times of the year, so knowing what to expect can prevent a fun trip home from turning into a travel nightmare.


Staying on Top of Your Academics

Don't be a turkey; just because you're relaxing and hanging out with people over the break doesn't mean you can let your academics slide. While staying on top of your coursework is challenging, it isn't impossible.