College World Series Champions

All the Winners of the College World Series from 1947 to Today

Vanderbilt defeats Virginia to win World Series June 25, 2014.
Vanderbilt defeats Virginia to win World Series June 25, 2014. Peter Aiken/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The College World Series has produced champions from around the country, but it's hard not to notice that the Division I baseball champs most often hail from warm-weather schools.

The World Series, played annually in Omaha, Nebraska, pits the survivors of the 64-team tournament against each other for the championship, and Southern California is the comfortable leader, followed by LSU, Texas, and Arizona State. Cooler, northern states have snuck in a couple of repeat champions, including Minnesota, Michigan, and Oregon State.

2010 to 2016

The state of South Carolina shifted the power, with the Gamecocks of South Carolina taking the decade's first two championships and the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina winning the title in 2016. Arizona won its fourth title and joined UCLA and the 2011 South Carolina squad as teams to go undefeated in College World Series play.

2016: Coastal Carolina

2015: Virginia

2014: Vanderbilt

2013: UCLA

2012: Arizona

2011: South Carolina

2010: South Carolina

2000 to 2009

The century began with a familiar champion: LSU started things off with a perfect run in the College World Series and won for the sixth time in school history to close the decade, tying the Tigers with Texas. In between, Cal State Fullerton won its fourth title, as did Miami, which also joined Texas (twice), Oregon State (2007) and LSU as the decade's undefeated college champions.

2009: LSU

2008: Fresno State

2007: Oregon State

2006: Oregon State

2005: Texas

2004: Cal State Fullerton

2003: Rice

2002: Texas

2001: Miami

2000: LSU

1990 to 1999

The decade was dominated by Lousiana State University, as the Tigers won the school's first four championships, three times without losing a game in the College World Series (1991, 1996, and 1997). Pepperdine, Oklahoma State, Cal State Fullerton, and Miami joined LSU as the decade's perfect teams, while Southern California won its 12th title.

1999: Miami

1998: Southern California

1997: LSU

1996: LSU

1995: Cal State Fullerton

1994: Oklahoma

1993: LSU

1992: Pepperdine

1991: LSU

1990: Georgia

1980 to 1989

The Arizona schools kept the power in the West, as the Wildcats were champions in 1980 and 1986, while the Sun Devils were college baseball's best in 1981, the school's fifth title. Miami and Texas won championships without losing a game in the World Series.

1989: Wichita State

1988: Stanford

1987: Stanford

1986: Arizona

1985: Miami

1984: Cal State Fullerton

1983: Texas

1982: Miami

1981: Arizona State

1980: Arizona

1970 to 1979 

The Trojans of Southern California became the most dominant team in college baseball, winning five World Series titles in a row to start the decade, and twice ran through the College World Series undefeated, in 1973 and 1978.

1979: Cal State Fullerton

1978: Southern California

1977: Arizona State

1976: Arizona

1975: Texas

1974: Southern California

1​973: Southern California

1972: Southern California

1971: Southern California

1970: Southern California

1960 to 1969

Southern California and Arizona State pulled the power west, as the Trojans captured their fifth championship in 1958 and the Sun Devils took home their first three. USC was the decade's only school to go undefeated in World Series play (1961 and 1968).

1969: Arizona State

1968: Southern California

1967: Arizona State

1966: Ohio State

1965: Arizona State

1964: Minnesota

1963: Southern California

1962: Michigan

1961: Southern California

1960: Minnesota

1950 to 1959

Texas became the first repeat College World Series champion and did it in a decade when no team won twice. Only Oklahoma and California were undefeated champions.

1959: Oklahoma State

1958: Southern California

1957: California

1956: Minnesota

1955: Wake Forest

1954: Missouri

1953: Michigan

1952: Holy Cross

1951: Oklahoma

1950: Texas

1947 to 1949

The state of California came up big in the first couple of championships, which were played initially in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and then for a year in Wichita, Kansas, before moving to Omaha in 1950. California and Texas were the first two champions to go undefeated in the College World Series.

1949: Texas

1948: Southern California

1947: California