The Meaning and Origin of the Last Name 'Colon'

The Colon surname is believed to have been derived from a given name meaning "dove."

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The common Spanish surname, Colon, most commonly derives from the Spanish given name Colón, meaning "dove," from the Latin colombus, colomba. As a personal name, it was favored by early Christians because the dove was considered to be the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Colon last name is comparable to the Italian and Portuguese surname Colombo.


The Colon surname may also have English origins, being a variant of Colin derived from the Greek personal name Nicholas, meaning "power of the people," from the elements nickan, meaning "to conquer," and laos, or "people." The surname is considered to be of Spanish and English origin.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was discovered that several Colon families moved to the Caribbean Islands and the Central American region. Colon is known as the 53rd most common Hispanic surname. According to Public Profiler: World Names, the majority of individuals with the Colon surname live in the United States, followed by additional concentrations in countries like Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France. 

Alternate Surname Spellings

  • Coulon
  • Collon
  • Coulons
  • Coulomb
  • Coulom
  • Coullon
  • Coullons
  • Coulhon
  • Coulombs
  • Decoullons
  • Decoulons

Famous People With the Surname

  • Cristóbal Colón aka Christopher Columbus: Famous Italian explorer best known for his "discovery" of the "New World."
  • Carlos Colón: Retired Puerto Rican professional wrestler. He is the father of wrestlers Carly Colón, known professionally as Carlito, and Eddie Colón, known professionally as Primo Colón. He is also the uncle of WWE wrestler Epico, whose birth name is Orlando Colón.
  • Ashley Colon: Puerto Rican artist singer originally from Jamaica. She started her career in the tropical music band Las Chicas del Clean, translating to "the girls of the clan."

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