Color Periodic Table of the Elements: Atomic Masses

The periodic table lists an element's symbol, atomic number, and atomic weight. In some cases, additional information is also provided, such as the element name and group.

Color Periodic Table of the Elements: Atomic Masses

2019 Periodic Table of the Elements
2019 Periodic Table of the Elements. Todd Helmenstine,

This color periodic table contains the accepted standard atomic weights (atomic masses) of each element as accepted by the IUPAC. The IUPAC doesn't update these values annually, so these are the most recent values for 2019.

This periodic table is suitable for a computer and mobile device wallpaper. The 1920x1080 image file is a PDF file that you can download and print. The periodic table is high definition (HD), optimized for printing, and resizes cleanly.

Periodic Table PDF With Standard Atomic Weights

In December, 2018, the IUPAC updated its periodic table to include revisions to the atomic weight values. You may notice the table includes a range of values for most elements. This is because the isotope ratio greatly depends on the element sample source. Also, atomic weight values, typically listed in brackets, are no longer included for synthetic elements. This is because only specific isotopes are made and there is no natural abundance. For most chemistry calculations, you'll want a single value for atomic weight. This is why the 2019 periodic table lists the latest (2015) single numbers. However, you can get the latest range of values from the IUPAC table.