Color Your Life

How to Use Color to Change Your life and Feel Great

Woman looking through clothes closet
Wear colors that make your feel good. Stuart O'Sullivan / Getty Images

Shocking pink, sunshine yellow, vibrant purple, midnight blue, have you noticed how many hot new colors are available in the stores? Isn't it great? There's quite an amount of color choices for men too. Finally, we all have a choice to wear color if we want too. When you wear bold color, you say to the world: "I feel great!" or "I want to feel great!" When you explore and surround yourself with color, you also bring yourself the opportunity to improve your health.

Color and Fashion

Although we live in a very colorful world, it is interesting how many people still live and dress in black and white or dark, muted colors like gray, brown, dark blue, green and burgundy. We generally go along with fashion trends, and accept that in autumn and winter dark colors should be worn. This is strange when you think that the skies and the weather in these seasons are often dark and do nothing much to give you a lift when you need one. It's almost as if by wearing these dark colors, we blend in with the dreariness of those times of the year.

Sadly, many people only allow themselves to enjoy bright warm colors such as orange, yellow, lime green, blue, lilac, pink and purple during the warmer seasons or for very special events. Yet many people have been surprised to find themselves feeling especially good when they wear and surround themselves with bright and beautiful colors.

What's Hot and What's Not Hot with Fashion Colors?

The answer is that you don't have to follow the rules. This is your life and whatever gives you a lift is great, because wearing color is a definite key to being relaxed and feeling good. It's about letting go of that uptight, conformist perception you have of yourself and daring to be the real you. If you can't wear bright colors at work, wear them in the evening and weekends. Don't miss out on feeling great with color.

Color Can Help You Lose Weight

If you find yourself comfort eating and packing on the pounds, here is a great way to lose weight. Before you rush to the fridge or reach for the cookie jar, stop. Take a minute and ask yourself: "Which color do I need?" Whatever answer comes to mind, go with it. Then, imagine that you are surrounded by that color. Take long slow deep breaths and imagine you are breathing that color through your body and filling up with it.

Color Your Surroundings

Pale blue for calm, yellow for mental clarity, vibrant pink for nurturing, we all have different ways of seeing colors. The great news is we don't have to follow standards. We can create our own, and start our own fashion trends. Often when people see my colorful house they say: "I'd love to do it, but..." The answer is you can! Start with a wall, or a room at a time. Even adding colorful accessories to your room is a start. Remember, you can always paint colors back to neutral.

Don't wait until you get your dream house; decide you are worth the effort that it takes to enjoy living and even working in color now. Who knows? You could get creative at work, have others help you, and your boss might be amazed at how productive the office is since it was painted with warmer and more vibrant colors.

Vibrational Colors

Many people today agree that we are made up of vibrations and vibrations are colors. Some people who are sensitive can see other people and even objects giving off or being surrounded by colors. These emanations are called auras or energy fields.

There are also some common misunderstandings associated with particular colors. For instance, the color black has often been feared. It has been believed to represent the unknown. Black in the past and even now has had associations of somehow being bad. But if you look again, you will see that black has great depth.

Many image consultants, color therapists and healers have a fixed belief system about color. For example, orange is accepted for autumn, blue for calming, yellow for intellectual openness and mental clarity, white for purity, and purple for power. Colors do not need to be fixed or used only in these ways. Find out what works for you by exploring every color.

Heal with Color

You can use color in self-healing too. Begin to think of color as material of non-physical matter, which is needed to feed, soothe, enhance and heal you and your life. You can visualize and direct a color to a particular part of your body that is not well. Surround yourself with color and fill all of your body with color. Remember that color is very real. When you feel tired or down, even a few breaths of color will give you what you need.

Pink and yellow, green and blue, orange and red, all there for you! Start to color your life today and join others who have realized that color does change your life in wonderfully positive ways. Dare to be yourself! Dare to be colorful! Dare to feel great!