Colored Pencil Tips

Handy Tricks and Ideas for Colored Pencil

Improve your colored pencil technique with these tips. Master your materials, learn how to blend and layer, and get rid of that annoying cloudy wax bloom.

Colored Pencil Top Tips

Remove Wax Bloom
Wax bloom is a white haze that appears across heavily worked colored pencil drawings as a layer of the wax medium forms on the surface. Find out how to stop it from spoiling your colored pencil artwork.

Experimenting with Materials
Develop your colored pencil drawing by experimenting with materials and trying new things. Here are some tips on how to explore colored pencil techniques.

Improve Your Colored Pencil Intensity
A common problem in colored pencil drawings is lack of intensity - washed-out light tones and dull chalky darks. Improve the intensity of areas of color in your colored pencil images with these tips.

Blending and Smudging
Doe you end up with uneven or dirty blended areas? Find out some better ways to manipulate your colored pencil with these tips on different methods of blending and smudging areas of colored pencil.
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