Basic Japanese Vocabulary

Colored pencils
Ilona Nagy. Moment Open

In Japanese, all colors are treated as nouns, unlike English (Colors are treated as adjectives or nouns in English). Click here to see how to write the colors of the rainbow in kanji. Please check out my article, "Japanese Conception of Red".

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iro 色 --- colors
ao 青 --- blue
aka 赤 --- red
chairo 茶色 --- brown
daidaiiro 橙色 --- orange
haiiro 灰色 --- grey
kiiro 黄色 --- yellow
kimidori 黄緑 --- light green
kuro 黒 --- black
midori 緑 --- green
mizuiro 水色 --- light blue
momoiro 桃色 --- pink
murasaki 紫 --- purple
shiro 白 --- white
Sukina iro wa nan desu ka.

 好きな色は何ですか。 --- What is your favorite color?