The Colors of Easter

Easter Lillies and Easter Eggs: What Color is Easter?

Not all Easter colors are pastel pink and pale yellow.
What color are your Easter eggs?. © Jacci Howard Bear

Do you associate Easter with pretty pastels? And what is a pastel color anyway? On the next two pages we'll explore two kinds of Easter colors — the light or pastel colors of Easter bonnets, painted eggs, and the Easter bunny and the colors of the Christian Church used at Easter and their symbolism of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I'll provide you with examples of colors such as Robin Egg Blue and Spring Green and examples of the religious Easter meanings for red and purple and white Easter lillies. While you don't have to use these specific colors in your Easter-themed print or Web projects, they provide a good starting point when you want people to think Easter or Springtime.

Use Easter colors for Easter egg graphics, Easter greeting cards, invitations and signs for an Easter Egg Hunt, and Easter decorations.

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Pastel Colors Say Spring Has Sprung

These Easter eggs are colored in a variety of light or pastel colors.
These Easter eggs are colored in a variety of light or pastel colors. © Jacci Howard Bear

Easter generally falls in April (or sometimes late March). It heralds the start of Spring when the new leaves are starting to appear on the trees, the grass is beginning to turn green again.

What Are Pastel Colors

In art,


are a specific type of medium, usually in stick form. They are colors with low saturation but not necessarily the light, delicate colors we think of as pastel colors. In general use, pastel refers to any low saturation, light, or subdued color. The most common pastels are light shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, and lavender (light purple). Also, light orange or coral colors and light shades of turquoise are pastel Easter colors.

What is the Symbolism of Pastel Easter Colors

Pastel colors are considered Springtime colors. They symbolize rebirth, new growth, and new beginnings.

  • Yellow is joy, happiness. Yellow is the sun shining on a clear, Spring day.
    Lemon | Hex #FFF700 | RGB 255,247,0
    Light Yellow | Hex #FFFFE0 | RGB 255,255,224
  • Green represents hope, birth, renewal. It is grass and leaves turning green again, new plants emerging.
    Spring Green | Hex #00FF7F | RGB 0,255,127
    Mint | Hex #BDFCC9 | RGB 189,252,201
  • Pink is a fresh beginning, a healthy new start, and playfulness.
    Pink | Hex #FFC0CB | RGB 255,192,203
  • Orange represents the dawn of a new day, a new season.
    Light Salmon | Hex #FFA07A | RGB 255,160,122
  • Light Purples like Lavender suggest something special.
    Lavender | Hex #B57EDC | RGB 181,226,220
    Plum | Hex #DDA0DD | RGB 221,160,221
    [explore pastel shades of lilac and violet too]
  • Blue is the color of the sky and of water. It suggests peace and harmony. It's a clear blue sky and the rain that brings forth the new Spring growth.
    Sky Blue | Hex #87CEEB | RGB 135,206,235
    [explore more light shades of blue]
    Robin Egg Blue | Hex #00CCCC | RGB 0,204,204
    Turquoise | Hex #40E0D0 | RGB 64,224,208

The colors described here are typical pastel Easter colors. Use these colors or colors like them to suggest Easter and Springtime. When using light colors like these, it's good to mix in a darker, brighter, or more saturated color here and there to provide contrast and to avoid looking washed-out.

Pastel Color Palettes

Here are a selection of pastel palettes I've picked out from the huge selection over at These are from a search on the term "Easter" with this small group full of pastel or pale colors. Browse the

full selection

for some brighter purples, chocolate bunny colors, and candy colored palettes.

  • Appropriately named, Easter Colors are very traditional pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and light purple.
  • Pastel Easter Eggs has a lighter blue and green and the pinker (or redder) light purple.
  • For something a touch brighter Happy Easter replaces blue and yellow with tangerine and two shades of green, one very pale.
  • For a palette of easter blues and greens with a light yellow try Easter Egg Hunt.

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Easter Sunday Colors

In some faiths the use of red, purple, black, white, and gold carry special Easter meanings.
In some faiths the use of red, purple, black, white, and gold carry special meaning associated specifically with Easter. © Jacci Howard Bear

For many people, Easter isn't about the Easter bunny or coloring eggs to hide then gather in a pastel be-ribboned Easter basket. It is a major Christian feast or holy day centered around the cruxification and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Different colors are used at different times in the celebration of Easter and it varies by religion. However, the colors most closely associated with Christianity and Easter in particular are red, purple, black, white, and gold.

Red can denote joy and celebration. Purple is associated with royalty and spirituality. White is purity. Black is the color of death and mourning. Gold represents something of value or high quality.

What Easter Colors Symbolize in Christianity

Summarized from several sources, I've included links to more detailed descriptions of the religious symbolism of these five colors.

  • Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ and the blood of martyrs.
    [Crimson and Scarlet are associated with theology, the Church, and the Bible.]
  • Purple is the color of royalty (Jesus, King of Kings) and also the color of suffering.
  • Black represents darkness and sin and mourning.
  • White is purity and angels and resurrection.
  • Gold is a color of celebration and symbolizes the presence of God and richness (wealth, prosperity, or heavenly riches).

Also see:
The Colors of Easter, a poem describing red, purple, black, and white and their connection to the death and resurrection of Jesus in great detail.
Significance of Easter Colors includes yellow and describes flowers for each color.
The Meaning of Church Colors covers a wide range of colors and their significance and use for different holy days or time periods.

Easter Sunday Color Palettes

Using the search term "Easter" and some hue-specific searches over at, I've picked out a few palettes that use the rich reds, purples, and gold described above.

  • Glorius has a rich red, deep purple, and three golden shades.
  • This Easter Sunday features four deep purple and violet colors and canary yellow to brighten the palette.
  • Called Easter Eggs it's a palette of purple and gold (although the designer gives them eggplant and egg yolk names - yummy!).
  • Blend of Red&Purple has both richness and a muted almost-but-not-quite pastel feel to the colors.
  • Bits of gold and black with blood red make up this palette called Passover.


Easter Sunday Dates
2011: April 24
2012: April 8
2013: March 31
2014: April 20
2015: April 5
2016: March 27

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