Colostrum FAQ

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What Is Colostrum?

Bovine colostrum can be assimilated, with great benefit, by any mammal -- humans included!.

Colostrum is the very first meal consumed by most mammals: dogs, cats, cows; field-mice, mountain-lions, elephants; and ... (when breast-fed) humans!

Colostrum is the fluid produced in the mother's mammary glands during the first few hours after birth (72 hours after birth for human mothers, 0-8 hours for bovine/cow mothers) -- prior to the production of milk. The benefits of colostrum are many and complex, with its various ingredients interacting, in all variety of synergistic ways, to support the optimal functioning of every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body. It's no exaggeration to say that colostrum is a true elixir of health, which provides life-supporting immune and growth factors -- along with a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (the building-blocks of protein) -- to ensure the health and vitality of the newborn.

In his book, Colostrum: A Journey Toward Better Health & Brighter Tomorrows, Dr. Robert York writes:

"Colostrum is the only single supplement I know that has the capacity to increase energy, reduce fatigue and boost the immune system. Colostrum promotes wound healing and tissue repair by stimulating growth and regeneration of muscle, bone, nerve and cartilage. It facilitates the long term management of chronic illnesses such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It also has the capacity to reduce pain associated with these illnesses. It has also been shown to be effective against certain types of bacteria, virus, yeast and fungus.”


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Why, As An Adult, Would I Choose To Supplement With Colostrum?

High quality whole colostrum powder will be light-yellow in color; will have a very fine texture; a fresh, mild and pleasant smell and taste; a smooth and creamy consistency (in the mouth), and will float on the surface of liquids.

Research has shown that once we pass puberty, our bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that fight off disease and heal damaged tissues. With the loss of these vital components, our vulnerability to injury and dis-ease increases. Such challenges are frequently compounded by the toxic environments -- rife with pollutants and various man-made or natural allergens -- that we've created on the planet.

In such circumstances, offering to our precious human bodies the kind of benefits that colostrum provides -- viz. support for the immune function, enhancement of fat utilization for fuel, and optimization of cellular reproduction -- is a very wise choice!

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How Safe Is Colostrum?

Colostrum provides essential nutrients to the newborn.

Colostrum is a whole food -- often referred to as "nature's perfect food" -- and is safe for people of all ages. It can be consumed in any quantity without any contraindications.

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Why Bovine (Cow) Colostrum?

In India, cows are honored and revered as sacred symbols of strength, abundance, wealth and selfless giving. Certainly bovine colostrum is one of their most amazing gifts to us all!.

Scientific research conducted in the last decade -- in major medical research centers and universities throughout the world -- has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow's colostrum are virtually identical to those in human colostrum. Research has also shown that bovine (cow) colostrum is not species specific, and is 100-1000 times more potent than human colostrum. What this means is that every mammal on earth -- humans included! -- can benefit from bovine colostrum.

Pets Too! Bovine colostrum works wonderfully also with cats, dogs and other mammal-pet-friends. Sprinkle the colostrum powder over their food, or add a small amount to their water. If you're able, encourage them to drink water after they take colostrum. Most pets love the taste of colostrum, and it benefits them in the same way that it does you!


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Are The Calves Getting Enough Colstrum?

The calves are always given "first dibs" on their mother's colostrum -- before the remaining amount is drawn for use as colostrum supplements for us.

The calves' needs are always met first -- but mother-cows typically produce much more colostrum than is needed to fully satisfy and meet the needs of the calf. It is this extra colostrum -- remaining after the calf has had his/her fill -- that is then collected and prepared as a supplement for human consumption.

Studies show that most calves would die or have serious health issues if they didn't get at least two quarts of colostrum. Hence, the future of the dairy herds depend directly upon the calves receiving adequate colostrum .... so you can rest assured that the farmers make certain that the calves do indeed get their fill, before the remainder is collected!

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I'm A Vegetarian/Vegan -- Can I Take Colostrum?

The Hindu avatar Krishna -- worshiped by many of India's sages -- is frequently pictured as a cowherd.

Colostrum is really neither animal nor vegetable, but rather is a unique substance -- very much in a class of its own. The vegan diet of India's rishis (spiritual teachers) has, for thousands of years, included colostrum; and today in India, the milkman delivers colostrum to those who can afford it.

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I Am Lactose-Intolerant & Can't Eat Dairy Products -- Can I Take Colostrum?

High-quality whole colostrum contains only trace amounts of lactose and casein -- and there are filtered varieties that are 100% free of these potential allergens.

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers prior to birth. It is not milk! True colostrum (as opposed to "transitional milk/colostrum") contains almost no lactose, so those who are lactose intolerant will likely have no problems with high quality colostrum (e.g. Immune Tree or Synertek) at its "maintenance" levels. In fact, it's not unusual for lactose intolerance to resolve, after some time of supplementing with colostrum.

Colostrum does contain a small amount of casein, but it is a different type (known as "A2 casein") than the type (known as "A1 casein") that exists in milk. Numerous people have experienced their allergy to A1 casein being resolved, after ingesting colostrum with its small amount of A2 casein.

Having said as much, for those who would still prefer a completely de-fatted and filtered colostrum -- which contains no lactose or casein whatsoever -- I recommend Mary's Herbal Garden Nature's Promise colostrum.

Understand, however, that when the fat is removed from colostrum, it ceases to be a completely "whole food" -- and many of the nutrients carried by the fat -- e.g. lipoproteins, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), sphingomyelin, butyric acid, ether lipids, beta carotene, and vitamins A and D -- are lost. These components of colostrum use the fat as a vehicle for transportation. Removing the fat not only eliminates these nutrients, but also changes the relative proportions of its other components -- as the original synergistic relationships among colostrum's various nutrients is altered.

The bottom line is: To reap the fully synergistic benefits of colostrum as a whole food -- i.e. to benefit from the natural potency of its original alchemy -- the whole version (including the fat) collected within six hours after the birth of the calf, is by far the best choice.

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When Is Colostrum Collected & Processed?

The highest-quality colostrum is collected within six hours after the birth of the calf. Anything after 24 hours becomes "transitional milk" -- with greatly reduced potency.

Both Immune Tree and Synertek colostrum is collected during the first six hours after the birth of the calf -- which is when it contains the highest concentration of immune and growth factors and digestive inhibitors. Many other companies collect their "colostrum" around 24 hours after birth (or even longer) at which point it has lost much of its potency and has turned into what is more properly referred to as "transitional milk."

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Does The Form I Take Colostrum In Make A Difference?

In the same way that the eight Taoist Immortals each have their own unique skills and personalities -- so it is that different forms of colostrum offer different benefits. Find one that works perfectly for you!.

No -- it's really a matter of convenience and taste, as to whether you choose the powder, lozenge, capsule or liquid form of colostrum. There are advantages and disadvantages to each form.

What's most important is to fully assimilate into your body the full range of potent bio-active compounds that colostrum contains. To facilitate this, what is ideal is to take colostrum on an empty stomach, along with plenty of water. What is also ideal is to take it twice or even three times daily (e.g. once first thing in the morning, once mid-afternoon, and once before bed). Understand, however, that colostrum also "works" almost as well if it is taken with a snack or meal -- and just once a day is obviously better than not at all! So .... find a routine that works perfectly for you, and enjoy the many benefits that colostrum has to offer.

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How Does Colostrum Interact With Other Supplements Or Prescription Medications?

The art and science of Taoist alchemy -- i.e. how mind, body, breath and spirit interact beneficially -- is depicted symbolically via this diagram, known as the Nei Jing Tu.

Colostrum has no known drug interactions per se, but it's possible that you may experience side effects from other supplements, herbs or medications you are currently taking. This is because colostrum heals the digestive tract so effectively that all substances taken internally -- food, herbs and natural healing substances, as well as pharmaceutical medications -- will become more bio-available to the body. So although colostrum has no known drug interactions, you may find that the other supplements and medications that you are taking will have a more pronounced effect. As a result, these other medications may need to be re-evaluated, by your medical professional, for dose and necessity.

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Dosage: How Much Colostrum Should I Take, And When?

Colostrum is safe at any dosage, and what works best will vary from person to person. By way of a general recommendation, I'd suggest beginning with 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon, once, twice or three times daily. This tends to be a good "maintenance" level for many people.

If you're wishing to transform a particular injury or illness, or if you're using colostrum to boost athletic performance, or for its anti-aging effects, you can experiment with working your way up to 1 teaspoon, three times per day.

It has been suggested, by some, that for best results, colostrum should be "front-loaded" -- i.e. taken in larger doses initially, and then lowered after the desired results are obtained. With a 98.9% uptake into the body, colostrum is utilized to its fullest capacity and has no contraindications of any sort. So again: feel free to experiment, to find a dosage that works well for you.

Healing Crisis

A small percentage of first-time colostrum users will experience a "healing crisis." Symptoms may include one or more of the following: abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, nausea, headache, cough, rash, and uncommonly a low grade fever. The symptoms may last from several hours to several days, and rarely up to a week.

Temporarily decreasing to 1/4 teaspoon of the powder (or one lozenge) daily will usually stop the symptoms. If symptoms are too uncomfortable, it is recommended to not use colostrum for 48 hours, and then resume with 1/4 teaspoon powder (or one lozenge) daily for a week. Symptoms will normally not reoccur. The healing crisis is caused by the body ridding itself of toxins and presents no risk or danger.


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How Do I Take Colostrum In Capsule Form?

Each person's body assimilates and uses colostrum differently, so you may need to adjust to determine what dosage is best for you. Capsules ideally should be taken on an empty stomach without any food or other supplements (at least 30 minutes before you eat or at least 45 minutes after you eat) with 8-12 oz. of water. We might recommend: before breakfast, and then again several hours after lunch, and an hour before dinner. Try to get into a regular routine so you always remember.

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How Do I Take Colostrum In Powder Form?

The powder may be taken by itself, or mixed with other foods (or protein powder). You can also make a paste, using the colostrum powder mixed with a little water, to promote topical healing. The colostrum powder can also be packed between the cheek and gum, and allowed to slowly absorb via the tissues of the mouth.

Colostrum powder is my own preferred form of this supplement, since ingesting it in this way allows it to come into direct contact with the tissues of the mouth, gums, throat and esophagus -- providing direct protection against infection in these areas, as well as healing for the tissues. As with any food, the utilization of colostrum begins with enzymatic and neurological responses initiated by oral introduction. And -- if you think about it -- it's the way of taking colostrum that most closely resembles that of a newborn, suckling at his/her mother's breast.

You can place the colostrum powder directly into your mouth, let it mix with the saliva, swish it around a bit as it begins to dissolve, and then swallow what remains. Alternately: you can mix the powder with a couple ounces of water -- remembering that it will naturally clump and float at the surface -- and eat/drink it in that form. In either case, following with a full glass of water is a good idea.

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Is Colostrum Beneficial For Martial Artists & Other Athletes?

Colostrum can be a great support for your martial arts, taiji or qigong practice!.

Absolutely! Colostrum offers numerous supports for the enhancement of athletic performance. Olympic athletes are beginning to use colostrum as part of their training regimen. Many bodybuilders report that colostrum is the most effective (totally natural and legal) muscle-building agent that they have ever used. So whether you're a martial artist, a dancer, a recreational athlete, or in serious training as a professional, colostrum can be a great nutritional ally.

In particular, research has shown that colostrum can:

* Increase strength and endurance
* Build lean muscle mass
* Burn body fat
* Shorten recovery time
* Accelerate healing of injuries
* Boost immune function (which typically dips after strenuous exercise)

To optimize fitness and performance, you can add 6-10 grams of Colostrum powder to a protein drink or juice and drink 30 - 45 minutes before working out. Again, there are no set parameters so depending on the results you are looking for each body may need different dosage amounts.


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Can Colostrum Help To Stabilize My Weight At Its Ideal Level?


Colostrum can help you to lose extra weight:

Colostrum contains various immune and growth factors which help to balance the body's metabolism, and return its different systems to their normal functioning. As this occurs, the body naturally begins to burn the best energy source that is available to it, which is: fat!

Colostrum can also help if you need to gain weight:

Within about two hours after eating, our body's blood glucose levels become depleted, and we then begin utilizing sources of stored fuel (fat and muscle protein) for energy. By increasing food intake along with exercise and colostrum supplementation, weight gain will come through increased muscle mass (muscle tissue weighs more than fat per volume).

So, in short: colostrum tends, over time, to stabilize weight at its ideal level. If we need to lose weight, we do. If we need to gain weight, we do.

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Can Colostrum Support Physical Longevity?

Potent whole-food upplements such as colostrum can greatly enhance the quality and length of our life, supporting the cultivation of the kind of internal peace and joy that we see shining through the eyes of this Taoist priest.

Yes! Once we've moved beyond puberty, the body's production of growth hormones -- a key ingredient for the reproduction of virtually all of our body's cellular tissue -- begins to decrease. By the age of 80 or 90, the typical human body is producing virtually no growth hormone whatsoever. As a result, cellular regeneration becomes less and less efficient, and so the body "ages" (i.e. degenerates, at the cellular level) more and more rapidly.

Colostrum's growth factors are precisely the hormones that stimulate the normal healthy reproduction -- as opposed to cancerous or weakened versions -- of the body's cellular tissue (i.e. bone cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, vascular cells, muscle cells, skin cells, and cells of all other types!). According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the most effective "anti-aging protocol" is simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels -- to slow, and possibly stop or even reverse, the physical aging process. Colostrum contains these exact growth hormones!

The primary Growth Factors found in Colostrum are:

* Epithelial growth factor -- which stimulates normal skin cell growth, and supports skin healing and rejuvenation;

* Transfoming growth factors A and B -- which aid in wound healing and in the synthesis and repair of RNA and DNA;

* Growth hormone -- which regulates metabolism, reduces fat, increases lean muscle mass, regenerates heart, lung, liver and other organ tissues, improves moods and mental acuity, stimulates the renewal of skin and bone, and enhances immunity;

* Fibroblast growth factor -- which stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, tissue development, and wound healing;

* Platelet-derived growth factor -- which stimulates the healing of vascular wounds;

* Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) -- which are primary factors in the growth, maintenance, and regeneration of all muscle and cartilage cells, and which increase fat burning, involved in energy production.

The American Journal Of Natural Medicine (3/1998) reports:

“A 1990 study in The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that GH [growth hormone] treatment prevented some of the signs of aging. In his study, Dr. Daniel Rudman treated 26 men between the ages of 61 and 80 with GH. Patients experienced a decrease in overall body fat (up to 14%) and an increase in bone density and lean muscle mass. In addition, their skin was thicker and more elastic. Rudman said the changes were equivalent to those incurred over a 10- to 20- year period of aging.”


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Can Colostrum Help To Stablize My Mood (i.e. Ease Anxiety / Depression)?

Yes! Colostrum is a natural and healthy means of stimulating the brain to release the "feel-good" chemicals serotonin and dopamine, and to prolong their re-uptake. Colostrum also activates the release of other chemicals in the brain that positively affect alertness and concentration.

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Can Colostrum Support Healing From Cuts, Burns, Accidents Or Surgery?

Michelangelo's David doesn't have to contend with cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites or bone breaks -- but we humans sometimes do! And colostrum can help us to weather, much more quickly and efficiently, these common human experiences.

Yes! Colostrum's immune factors are highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents which can help to reduce or eliminate infections in external injuries (cuts, burns, abrasions and surgical wounds). Colostrum also contains epithelial (skin) growth hormone, which stimulates accelerated healing, as well as powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate swelling and pain.

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Can Colostrum Be Applied Topically?

Mixed with water to create a paste, colostrum can be applied topically to help the body heal from injuries such as burns, cuts, abrasions, ulcers, acne, and even surgical wounds. Topical use in the mouth helps to relieve gingivitis, canker sores, and sensitive teeth, and speeds recovery from dental work. Colostrum can also be used in enemas and douches for help in eliminating candida albicans and other infections.

Synertek offers skin creams and colostrum liquid, formulated specifically for topical application.

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What Are Some Of The Other Documented Health Benefits Of Colostrum?

Laozi -- the founder of Taoism -- shown here riding an ox.

Results of clinical research along with anecdotal evidence have shown colostrum to be useful in: supporting intestinal health; improving immune-system health (regulating both under-active and over-active immune systems); providing general detoxification; acting as a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic and anti-viral agent; and greatly enhancing tissue repair.

The many health imbalances that it may help to ameliorate include: arthritis, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, influenza, ulcers, yeast infection, and many more.

In short: colostrum is equally beneficial as a support for restoring comprised physical, mental and emotional functioning; AND for taking an already vibrant and healthy bodymind to newly expanded levels of wellbeing, and extra-ordinary performance. Enjoy!


Thanks to both Immune Tree and Synertek for contributions to this colostrum FAQ.

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