Top Comic Books Featuring Sikh Gurus, Heroes and Martyrs

Sikh Comics Graphic Novels and Illustrated Stories

Comic books offer a captivating learning experience. The first comic book that I read about Sikh history left a lasting impression. Brand new to the comic book scene in 2011, Sikh Comics raises the bar with excellent presentations featuring heroes, warriors and martyrs of Sikh history. I like these interesting and informative comic books. The artwork is fantastic. The English is flawless. The stories are well researched, inspiring and enhanced with verses of Gurbani. The comics are printed on high quality materials, yet affordable. Overall Sikh Comics are very impressive and sure to be a hit with readers of every age.

"Guru Nanak" Five Volume Set by Sikh Comics

"Guru Nanak" Graphic Novels by Daljit Singh Sidhu Volumes 1 - 5. Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

Sikh Comics presents a colorful set of five graphic novels illustrating the life and mission of First Guru Nanak. Together with his companion the minstrel Mardana, the Guru makes a series of journeys spreading the spiritually illuminating message of one creator, to dispel the ignorance of a people steeped in dark ritual superstition, caste and idolatry.

Offered by Daljeet Singh Sidhu in collaboration with Gyan Khand Media. Comics each feature between 24 - 30 glossy pages brimming with colorful images and characters illustrating scenes supported by Gurbani quotes.

"Guru Har Krishan" by Sikh Comics

Sikh Comics Cover
Sikh Comics Cover "Guru Har Krishan". Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]
Guru Har Krishan by Sikh comics enthralls readers with inspirational stories of the child Har Krishan who became the eight guru, and the exploits of his jealous elder brother Ram Rai. The elder brother shows off his powers while the younger brother uses his to serve humanity.


The comic features 38 glossy pages filled with colorful images and appeals to all ages. Offered by Publisher Daljeet Singh Sidhu Presented by Gyan Khand Media, Copyright © 2012 ISBN 978-81-909637-8-7.

"Guru Tegh Bahadur" by Sikh Comics

Sikh Comics Guru Tegh Bahadur Cover Art
Sikh Comics "Guru Tegh Bahadur" Cover Art. Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

Guru Tegh Bahadur the Ninth Guru of the Sikhs by Sikh Comics outlines the life story and supreme sacrifice of Ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur. This outstanding saga presented by Gyan Khand Media begins with the guru's birth. Brilliant illustrations detail formative incidents of his upbringing, significant episodes occurring during his adulthood, the mystery surrounding his inauguration, and climax with the guru's selfless act which ultimately results in his martyrdom. Scripted in excellent English, punctuated by translated verses of Gurbani, crafted to inspire readers of any age.

This comic book features quality artwork on 48 medium weight pages with a glossy finish. Offered by Publisher Daljeet Singh Sidhu. Copyright © 2011. ISBN978-81-909637-01-1.

Guru Gobind Singh Vol 1 Graphic Novel Cover by Sikh Comics
"Guru Gobind Singh" Vol 1 Graphic Novel Cover by Sikh Comics. Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

Guru Gobind Singh, The Tenth Sikh Guru Volume 1 by Sikh Comics is the first installment of an illustrated series protraying the illustrious life of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh. Focusing on his birth and early life, Volume 1 penetrates mystic realms to reveal the tenth guru's previous incarnation and call to his manifest destiny.

The comic features 23 illustrated pages filled with colorful images to charm the imagination and captivate readers of every age and background. Offered by Publisher Daljeet Singh Sidhu. Presented by Gyan Khand Media, Copyright © 2013, ISBN: 978-93-82887-08-9 . More »

"Baba Deep Singh" by Sikh Comics

Sikh Comics Baba Deep Singh Cover Art
Sikh Comics "Baba Deep Singh" Cover Art. Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

Baba Deep Singh The Great Sikh Martyr and Scholar by Sikh Comics portrays the legendary martyr best known for continuing to battle his way to the Golden Temple after being decapitated by an enemy adversary. Unusual circumstances of birth herald the illustrious life of scholar, scribe, warrior and martyr Baba Deep Singh. Highlighting historic pivotal points, stunning artwork illustrates this super hero, epic adventure style Sikhism comic. English narration and dialogue accompanied by quotations of Sikh scripture in Punjabi with English translations.

This comic book features high quality art printed on 40 glossy medium weight pages. Offered by Publisher Daljeet Singh Sidhu. Presented by Gyan Khand Media. Copyright © 2011. SBN978-81-909637-1-8.

"The Battle of Saragarhi" by Sikh Comics

Sikh Comics Saragarhi Cover
Sikh Comics "Saragarhi" Cover. Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

The Battle of Saragarhi by Sikh Comics depicts the inspiring courage and valor of the 36th Sikh Regiment. When faced with more than 10,000 enemies, 21 Sikhs sheltered only by a flimsy battlement chose to fight rather than surrender the North West Frontier fort they had promised to hold and protect for the British Raj of 1897. English narration brings long dead heroes to life in an epic historic panoramic event featuring arresting illustrations, regional maps and scriptural quotes in this portrayal of courage and martyrdom.

This comic book features graphic art and area maps on 40 medium weight glossy pages. Offered by Publisher Daljeet Singh Sidhu. Copyright © 2011. ISBN978-81-909637-4-9.

"My Guru's Blessings" Satkar Kids Series

Satkar Kids Series
Satkar Kids Series "My Guru's Blessings" Volumes 1 to 7. Photo © [S Khalsa]

My Guru's Blessings Books 1-7 Satkar Kids Series features delightful inspiring lessons in English and Punjabi with comic book illustrations especially geared towards children 3 - 8. Each simple story includes a heart melting child's prayer, with Gurmukhi quote, that appeal to readers of all ages.

  • My Guru's Blessings Sikh Comics Collection: Review featuring in depth description, details, design team credits, contact information, pros & cons and examples of page layouts with English and Punjabi.

Sikh Comics and Readers

Sikh Comics and Young Reader
Sikh Comics and Young Reader. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Sikh Comics are not just for young readers. Authentic Sikh history and entrancing illustrations appeal to boy and girls, as well as men and women, of all ages and every background, who enjoy the comic book experience. Readers from all walks of life will discover entertainment and folks of all faiths will surely find inspiration exploring the pages of Sikh Comics.

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