10 Comics Characters Who Can't Believe Deadpool Got a Movie Before Them

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Deadpool's 10 Most Envious

Deadpool in his first movie
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Now that the long-awaited release of the (excellent) Deadpool movie is behind us, it’s time to assess who in the comic book world should feel the most slighted about Deadpool getting a movie before them.

In the spirit of fourth-wall bashing, I’ll examine which comic book heroes and villains are most justified in their righteous anger towards Deadpool – the man who makes more boob jokes per ounce than Seth McFarlane – beating them on screen.

A few words about the criteria: Regular appearances in either TV or movies disqualify a character. For example, The Flash has no place on this list, and neither does our would-be number one, Deadpool’s cross-the-pond Godfather, Deathstroke (AKA Slade Wilson, AKA, wait they just named Deadpool after a DC merc with a cool costume?). A character like Sluggo from X-Force would qualify, but then again, he’s also Sluggo.

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#10) Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

 You may laugh, and the common movie-goer would certainly get plenty of late night comedy fodder out of an impending Squirrel Girl movie, but the unflappable Doreen Green has a strong case for her own movie (or animated series… looking at you Disney XD).

For starters, Squirrel Girl is on a impressive hot streak with Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s excellent Unbeatable Squirrel Girl launching from Marvel in 2015. It’s one of the best all ages Marvel Comics I’ve read, and if that’s not enough, in the span of 4 issues Squirrel Girl takes down Kraven the Hunter, Whiplash, and Galactus.

To top it all off, Squirrel has already proven her ability to beat Deadpool in a one-on-one competition, and Deadpool is deathly afraid of her (as he should be). For those reasons and more, Squirrel Girl, can NOT believe Deadpool beat her on screen.

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#9) Clayface

Clayface the Batman villain
DC Comics

 As Arkham City gamers should well know, few rogues in the DC Universe have bigger aspirations of silver screen fame and fortune than Basil Karlo. Clayface started out as an actor before becoming a muddy punching bag for Batman and Robin.

It’s hard to blame Clayface for being slighted. He can impersonate anyone at the drop of a hat (for all we know, he actually HAS been in any number of comic book movies to date), and there have been literally a million Batman movies to date. Yet not a single Clayface appearance!

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#8) Animal Man

animal man the hero
DC Comics

Buddy Baker, aka Animal Man, was breaking the fourth-wall in comics well before Deadpool, yet where’s the love? The guy has a beautiful family, can take on the power of any animal, and once met his creator/god (Grant Morrison) in the pages of his own comic.


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#7) Namor the Submariner

Namor the Submariner
Marvel Comics

 Namor’s Atlantean royalty. The guy barely respects the biggest brain in the Marvel U (Reed Richards). Deadpool’s an absolute clown to him!

To make matters worse, his highness has been one of Stan Lee’s most desired Marvel movies for years, yet four Fantastic Four movies have come and gone without even a hint of Prince Namor!

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#6) Sandman

Vertigo Comics

 No, not Flint Marko (he was in Spider-Man 3, may we all sleep well and forget). I’m talking about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, the lord of dream.

Sure he’s due for a Joseph Gordon-Levitt helmed project, but you’re telling me one of the Endless, from one of the top 5 comic books of all time, is getting beat to screen by a guy who hears voices? Sandman has a right to be even more emo than usual.

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#5) Tony Chu

Tony Chu
Image Comics

 Chew has been in TV development hell, and now appears to be resting in development purgatory. Meanwhile the guy who once asked to be buried in chimichangas is getting a movie. There are Chew-verse characters who could conquer the world with nothing but a chimichanga in one hand.

It’s a shame that Chew has never been brought to life on screen, and Tony Chu has a right to his perpetual righteous anger.

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#4) Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is the best
Marvel Comics

 Wait, wasn’t he… NOPE. I still haven’t seen Doctor Doom on screen in a way I am willing to acknowledge.

If you don’t think the lord of Latveria and once-and-future God-Doom feels slighted by Deadpool beating him on screen, then you just don’t know my man, Vic.

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#3) Booster Gold

Booster Gold the celeb
DC Comics

 Ain’t nobody looking for fame and fortune with more fervor than DC’s Booster Gold. He has to be fuming!

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#2) Cable

Cable and Deadpool
Marvel Comics

Nathan Dayspring Rutabaga Macaroni Akani'son certainly has better things to do than worry about Deadpool (fend off apocalypse, keep the timeline from collapsing, increase his eBay bid for yet another impossibly large fire arm), but Deadpool going Hollywood before him has to hurt.

After all, in their shared comic book, it was Cable & Deadpool, with the messianic responsible one coming first. Cable's always had a way of keeping Wade in check (well, sort of), but Deadpool hitting the limelight without Cable's guidance has to set off all sorts of alarms.

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#1) Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
DC Comics

 Yes, yes, she’s going to be on screen for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Only the Men Getting Their Names in Movies Titles. Nonethless, Wonder Woman is royalty, a goddess, and an American cultural icon for over 75 years.

Deadpool has a friend named Weasel.

Wonder Woman has the ultimate right to feel slighted that Deadpool beat her on screen!

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