Coming Out of a Trance

An Ex-Atheist's Christian Testimony

Coming Out of a Trance
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With little to no godly influences growing up, Jeff got involved with drugs and alcohol as a teenager. By 17 he was living with a woman and delving into crime. Once on a bad LSD trip, he came very close to losing his life. Then one day out of nowhere, he found himself consumed with thoughts about the God he had claimed did not exist. When Jeff prayed, a supernatural power came over him, and he was never the same.

This is his true story.

Coming Out of a Trance

I was raised in Portland, Oregon, in a secular, lower-middle income class home. I went to church very few times during my adolescent years. When I turned 16, I began to get involved with drugs and alcohol.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime

At 17, I began a live-in relationship with a woman who was two years older than me. It was a difficult relationship, characterized by drug and alcohol abuse, physical domestic disputes, and crime (primarily theft of various items).

During this time period, I came very close to losing my life on a bad LSD trip. I lost touch with reality, jumped through several windows, and assaulted several individuals. I was told later that when the police and medical personnel arrived, an individual was coming after me with a gun.

I ended up in the emergency room with serious lacerations all over my body. After dealing with the law and going through the healing process, I continued my risky lifestyle.

Rejecting God

I remember at one point telling my father that there was no God. Although he did not live what I would consider to be a Christian life, he assured me with tears in his eyes that there was a God.

Once while in a park in Portland with my girlfriend, a young couple approached us and began to share the gospel.

I told them that they would be far better off if they were to forget this Christian stuff. I offered to share my weed with them. I know now they most likely went off and prayed for us.

Thoughts of Eternity

At some point during my nineteenth year, I remember beginning to be consumed with thoughts of eternity and where I might spend it. Even though I didn't believe in God, nonetheless, I was overcome with this concern.

These thoughts went on for a few weeks. I recall coming across Bible tracts on various occasions. I would read them, and then go on my way.

My grandmother was a Christian, and she was praying for me. I also had a Christian co-worker that would share her faith with me at times.

One day I was at home, sick with the flu. I began to ponder becoming a Christian. I really couldn't see myself as a Christian, as I had envisioned myself at 75 sitting in a rocking chair, still smoking my pot. For some reason as the day went on, I found myself thinking more and more seriously about Christianity. I came across one of those Bible tracts with the four spiritual laws.

Accepting God

I suddenly found myself praying to the God I had claimed earlier didn't exist. I felt this supernatural power come over me that day, and I knew I would never be the same as long as I lived.

The best way to describe it was like coming out of a trance. I suddenly had an awareness of God the Father, Satan, and the reality of the Bible.

It is now more than 30 years later. I have been happily married to the same woman for all these years. We have raised three sons. God has blessed us in wonderful ways. I am involved in jail ministry, and am looking forward to eternity.

Although there have been a few minor hurdles along the road of life, I wouldn't trade back to the old life for anything. Praise God for changing the life of someone who didn't believe he existed.