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From a whole slew of new Star Wars films, to a new Star Trek film, to another alien invasion in Independence Day and possibly even a new Tron film, these are the science fiction films that are coming soon to a cinema near you!

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Independence Day: Resurgence

Expected Release: June 2016

Anticipation: None

What's Known:  The aliens from the original film come back to Earth for a showdown.  In-between films, the nations of Earth have used the alien technology to develop a strong defense network.  But this network is challenged when the aliens come back with even more advanced weaponry.  Roland Emerich, of the original film, is back in the director's chair.  Will Smith does not return, but Jeff Goldblum does.

Thoughts: Where was this film a decade ago when blowing up big monuments on-screen was still a spectacle?  The original Independence Day was a huge hit because it's scale of destruction was previously unseen.  Since then, in the years that followed, we've seen New York City and Los Angeles and San Francisco attacked and destroyed so much by Transformers, Godzilla, Avengers, that seeing the White House blown up is rather ho-hum.  There was a point when audiences really wanted this film, but that point may have passed.  They'll have to have something really special on-screen to wow audiences.  For myself, I'm indifferent to the film, it was always a bit on the low quality side of sci-fi films for my tastes.

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Star Trek Beyond

Expected Release: July 2016

Anticipation: Low

What's Known:  The new cast of Star Trek is back for a new adventure.  This time Idris Elba and Byran Cranston join the cast.  It's directed by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious franchise) with J.J. Abrams producing.  No word yet on plot.

Thoughts: Sure, Star Trek is fun.  It's no Star Wars, it never has been, but ever since it's revamp, it's been interesting - unfortunately, I was a bit turned off by the latest trailer, using rap music and advertising it as an action fest.  I sort of prefer my sci-fi to have a John Williams orchestra score and to be more than just The Fast and the Furious set in space.  e The trailer had scantily clad alien women doing roundhouse kicks to rap music.  I felt fairly discouraged - that's not the Star Trek that I enjoy.

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Star Wars: Rogue One

Expected Release: December 2016

Anticipation Level: It's the film I'm most looking forward to in the next two years...except for Star Wars Episode 8.

What's Known: There are those that lamented that when Disney bought Lucasfilm, that Disney would milk the franchise for all it was worth, releasing a lot of new films within a short time period.  For myself though, this is only good news.  Lots of new content in a short period of time is exactly what I want!  The film takes place between Episodes 3 and 4, meaning that chronologically, it takes place before the first time we see Luke Skywalker, as a band of rebels steal the plans for the Death Star.

Thoughts:  So Excited!  So Excited!  So Excited!  Will it be as big of a hit as Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  Probably not, but it will still do massive business.

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Star Wars: Episode 8

Expected Release: May 2017

Anticipation: I'm Already Counting Down the Days...

What's Known:  This sequel set for May of 2017, is, of course, to follow-up with the massive smash hit that was Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.  What's there to say?  I'm already hugely excited and can't wait for it's release!

Thoughts:  Here's hoping that the sequel pulls together a lot of the unexplained threads from the first film.

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Alien: Covenant (aka Prometheus 2)

Expected Release: 2017

Anticipation: High

What's Known:  Ridley Scott has always been keen on the idea for a sequel to the Prometheus franchise, even though not all the fans were always as hot on the idea.  Prometheus was supposed to branch out into its own franchise, parallel to the Alien franchise.  But something has happened within the last year and a half, as the two franchises have apparently merged back together.  Not only is the Alien name back for the film, but the storyline is now including both the Prometheus story and the story for the next Alien film (or rather a prequel to the Alien franchise.)  Seems a bit convoluted at the moment, but I'm excited to see how they bring it all together.

Thoughts:  I liked the look of the first Prometheus film, and liked my first viewing, but the longer I thought about it, the more elements of the film didn't make sense.  What exactly was the biology of the black ooze because what happened to people who touched it seemed to differ?  Why did no one react when Noomi Rapace came out of the machine with her stomach stapled after surgery?  And so on and on and on.  Still, visually the film was a treat, and I'm curious to see what happens next.  So I will be in line for a me ticket, with slight trepidation.  As for the merging with the Alien franchise well, this is either going to be a fun connection, or yet one more time that Hollywood screwed with a franchise, making it almost unrecognizable.

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Tron: Ascension

Expected Release: TBD

Anticipation Level:  None - Which is probably why Disney execs are hesitant about committing - because no one is looking forward or asking for this movie.

What's Known:  This sequel to Tron: Legacy was supposed to start filming at the end of 2015.  That didn't happen.  Some reports from Disney suggested that the franchise was dead.  Other reports suggest that it's not dead, just delayed.  

Thoughts: Is anyone looking forward to this film?  Tron has simply never had much huge fan appeal.  The last film was profitable, only because of international ticket sales though, and the film appearing decades after the original with new state of the art special effects probably made quite a few ticket goers curious.  I was one of them.  I saw it in the cinemas, I was wooed by the special effects, but I wouldn't go see a sequel unless it had exceptionally strong reviews.  Disney is probably considering all of this as they decide whether to invest another $200 million dollars.

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Blade Runner 2

Expected Release: TBD

Anticipation Level:  Huuuuuge!

What's Known:  As with the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott is returning to this cult science fiction classic from the 1980s.  Ford, having re-visited Indiana Jones and Han Solo in old age, is also reprising his role.  It's a sequel that's been rumored for decades...but this time it appears it will actually become a reality.  Shooting starts this month!  And, it's also going to star Ryan Gosling along side Harrison Ford!

Thoughts:  How will the film that defined dystopian futures fare in an age when so many others have already copied it's dark neon-lit rainy feel?  Who's got Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott.  I await the opportunity to buy my ticket.