10 Hindu Commandments for a Successful Marriage

Hindu Wedding blessings
Scotty Robson Photography / Getty Images

Whether you are Hindu or not, there is much to learn from these 10 rules that Hindus keep in mind to keep a marriage happy and successful. 

1. Love Comes First

Physical love is good, but there also has to be genuine spiritual love in your heart. Your immediate neighbor is your own spouse. So let charity begin at home and set an example by loving your spouse first and foremost. Follow the scripture: "Love thy neighbor as thyself," beginning with the most important neighbor of all--your spouse. 

2. Narrow the Gulf

Whether it is a love marriage, arranged marriage or forced marriage, differences between the partners are bound to arise. Both of you come from different backgrounds, upbringings and environments. You must be ready to overlook the sharp differences, lapses or shortcomings.

3. Forgive and Forget 

Remember, to forgive is divine. Keep forgiving throughout your marriage, no matter how many times it requires. Forgiveness also to help ourselves by freeing us from the burden of carrying grudges. 

4. Begin the Day Cool

Early in the morning, both spouses should try to remain calm and cool. Do not engage in difficult  discussions or arguments in the early morning hours. Starting the day with a cool, even temperament will set the tone for the entire day. A rational, logical discussion of differences can wait until later. 

5. Silence Can Save

When you leave home for work in the morning, be on your best behavior. If one of you is provoked or complains, silence from the other is the best answer. Conversely, you can say, "We will discuss this in the evening." Morning is not the time for argument. 

6. Inquire and Appreciate

After you return home, inquire and take interest in one another's activity during the day: "How was your day?" You must show your genuine appreciation and sympathy. Top it with a pleasant smile. Your partner is an interesting, unique person and there is always something new to learn about them. 

7. Listen and Sympathize

Do listen to your spouse attentively and sympathetically. Never ignore. Even at your place of work, if you get a telephone call from your partner, be polite and courteous, in spite of your busy schedule. There is nothing more important than nurturing your partnership. 

8. Don't Forget to Compliment

Make use of "thank you," "well done," "you have done a good job," and "I am sorry" as frequently as is necessary. Be generous with your praise and compliments. 

9. Don't Compare

Do not enter into comparisons. No one is 100% perfect or 100% imperfect. We all have flaws and shortcomings. Always look at the good qualities of your spouse, and accept the whole person for who they are. 

10. Keep Smiling

Be cheerful and smile away your problems. Give a smile as often as you can. Only a human person is endowed with this blessing. Animals do not have this rare faculty. Did you know you use only 20 muscles for a smile but 70 muscles for a frown? So, keep smiling!