Comme d'habitude

French expressions analyzed and explained

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Expression: Comme d'habitude

Pronunciation: [kum dah bee tood]

Meaning: as usual

Register: normal


The French expression comme d'habitude, informally apocoped to comme d'hab, means "as usual," as when talking about something that regularly or typically happens.


   Charlot a oublié de faire ses devoirs, comme d'habitude.

   Charlot forgot to do his homework, as usual.


   Comme d'habitude, Marc est parti sans fermer la porte.

   As usual, Marc left without closing the door.


    -Ça va, Élise ? Pas trop de boulot ?

   -Comme d'hab !

   -How's it going, Élise? Not too much work?

   -The usual!


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