Common Oxoacid Compounds

Acetic Acid

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Oxoacids are acids that contain a hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom. These acids dissociate in water by breaking this bond and forming hydronium ions and a polyatomic anion. The table below lists common oxoacids and their associated anions.

Common Oxoacids and Associated Anions

Oxoacid Formula Anion Anion Formula
acetic acid CH3COOH acetate CH3COO-
carbonic acid H2CO3 carbonate CO32-
chloric acid HClO3 chlorate ClO3=
chlorous acid HClO2 chlorite ClO2-
hypochlorous acid HClO hypochlorite ClO-
iodic acid HIO3 iodate IO3-
nitric acid HNO3 nitrate NO3-
nitrous acid HNO2 nitrite NO2-
perchloric acid HClO4 perchlorate ClO4-
phosphoric acid H3PO4 phosphate PO43-
phosphorous acid H3PO3 phosphite PO33-
sulfuric acid H2SO4 sulfate SO42-
sulfurous acid H2SO3 sulfite SO32-
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