Most Common Slang Words for Vagina

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Question: What are the most common slang words/terms for vagina?

Answer: While "vagina" is the clinically correct term, squeamishness continues to surround the use of the word; this has given rise to many variations, some deemed more polite and appropriate for mixed company and some downright disgusting. Two examples that illustrate this cultural squeamishness are:

  • the ongoing controversy that surrounds the performance of playwright Eve Ensler's groundbreaking play The Vagina Monologues
    • Vaginagate, an incident in June 2012 in which a female legislator uttered the "V" word on the floor of the Michigan state house and encountered a backlash from Republican male colleagues

    Because of this discomfort, in recent years the term "vajayjay" has entered into popular usage and is frequently heard on TV in shows ranging from Oprah to Grey's Anatomy.

    In previous generations, children (particularly girls) have been encouraged to use "nicer" words such as peach, flower, or kitty, but with increased awareness of child sexual abuse nearly all educational experts stress that children be taught the correct word "vagina" and other body parts.

    Commonly Used Terms for Vagina

    Below is a breakdown of the most commonly used terms and slang for vagina:

    Slang Words (single words)

    • vajayjay
    • vag
    • twat
    • slit
    • snatch
    • cooch
    • coochie
    • cooter
    • cooze
    • coozie
    • gash
    • hole
    • muff
    • flange
    • minge
    • box
    • quim
    • pocketbook
    • poon
    • poontang
    • purse
    • fud (Scottish term)

      Polite Slang Phrases (two or more words)

      • nether regions
      • lady garden
      • girly bits
      • private parts

      Slang Phrases (two or more words)

      • mossy cleft
      • hot box
      • squeeze box
      • vertical smile
      • cha cha
      • love tunnel

      Food-Related Slang

      • cherry
      • bearded clam
      • furry taco
      • tuna taco
      • fur burger
      • cream pie
      • beef curtains
      • meat curtains
      • meat sleeve
      • hair pie
      • honey pot

      Animal-Related Slang

      • beaver
      • pussy
      • kitty
      • rat
      • panty hamster

      Words Used by Children

      • privates
      • private parts
      • bits
      • down there
      • peach
      • flower
      • kitty
      • tutu
      • wee wee
      • no no
      • cookie
      • muffin
      • cupcake
      • tweeny (between legs)
      • fanny (used in Australia and New Zealand)
      • front butt
      • who hoo/woo hoo
      • hoo hoo
      • foo foo

      Vulgar/Four-Letter Word

      "Toddler's name for her vagina?" Retrieved 30 June 2012.

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