Answers to Common Questions About Making Slime

Topics include ingredients plus coloring and storing slime

Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

Here are answers to common questions about making slime, concerning slime ingredients, coloring slime, and storing slime:

Making Translucent or Opaque Slime

Basically, your slime will be about as transparent as the glue you use to make it. If you use white school glue, then your slime will be opaque. If you use translucent clear or blue glue gel (or another see-through color), then your slime will be translucent.

Mixing Slime Solutions in Advance

You can prepare the borax and glue solutions days or weeks before actually making the slime.

How to Color Slime

If your glue is tinted, then your slime will be colored. You can mix food coloring in with either slime-making solution. You can also add glitter or other decorations.

Slime's Shelf Life

Slime doesn't go bad, but you might want to toss it if it develops mold or dries out. Refrigerated slime, kept in a sealable plastic bag, should last for a couple of weeks, though even unrefrigerated bags have lasted much longer.