Compare and Download Free Trials of Office Software

Quick Links to Help You Try It Before You Buy It

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Many businesses, households, and other consumers want a hands-on experience with office software before committing to it. After all, when you need to get work done, it can be really frustrating to work in a user interface that does not feel logical or comfortable to you.

So, here are a few premium office software options to explore.

In addition to this List of Free or Open Source Office Software Suites and Apps, which features tools you can use indefinitely without a free trial, these quick links to trial versions of popular office software solutions can help you find one one that is right for you.

Comparison Table of Free Office Software Trials





Price to Buy

Operating Systems

Cloud Service

Other Features


Microsoft Office 365 (also Office 2016 Free Trial

30 Days


Desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access

$99.99-$399.99 USD annually

Windows, Mac


Academic and desktop version (Office 2016) pricing alternatives available

Google Docs for Business Free Trial

30 Days


Docs, Sheets, Slides, tons of apps

Varies/user annually


Google Drive


Kingsoft Office Free Trial

30 Days


Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentations

$19.95 - $69.95 USD



Also comes in Kingsoft Free Office, or programs can be purchased individually

ThinkFree Office Free Trial

30 Days


Write, Calc, Show

$49.95 USD

Windows, Mac, Linux

ThinkFree Online Service Account


WordPerfect Office X Standard Free Trial

30 Days


WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Lightning, eBook Publisher Add-on

199.99 USD



You can also opt to buy it and get a 30-day money back guarantee

Ability Office Free Trial

Email for Details


Write, Spreadsheet, Presentation

$39.99 USD




Softmaker Office Free Trial

30 Days


TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations

$29.95 - $119.95 USD




Celframe Office Free Trial

30 Days


Write, Spreadsheet, Power Presentation

$79.40 - $249.18 USD

Windows, Mac


Before You Download

When you download free office software trials, you typically are agreeing to some additional stipulations. In the fine print, you will notice a range of considerations, from opting to have advertisements sent to your contact email to absolving the company of data loss liabilities.

These terms of the agreement will likely require you to digitally check mark or sign in with an email or other contact information in order to access the free trial. While this does not necessarily mean you shouldn't go for it, you do need to read the details so you know what exactly you are agreeing to.

Backup Data Before and During a Free Trial

While the majority of free trials for office software go smoothly, it always pays to be careful with important documents. Just keep in mind that the free trial is intended to be just that--a testing period.

Backup data before starting the free trial but also backup all data you may create or edit in the trial programs.

Additional Options

Hopefully this comparison helps you decide on the right trial productivity product for your projects. Keep in mind that some suites you may be familiar with were not listed here because they may no longer offer free trials, such as Apple's iWork suite, which is relatively cheap to purchase.

Another great way to try out office software before investing in a full-fledged version is to take advantage of Student or Academic Versions of Office Software Suites and Apps.

Hence, you may also want to refer to this more complete Index of Popular Office Software Suites and Apps.

Academic office suites typically contain fewer programs, you will still have access to the basics and the pricing tiers are usually lower. That way, you can get to know the program before deciding what you prefer to use as a professional, business organization, or household.

Also check out deal sites like these: Best Sites for Academic Software Deals and Save on Evernote with an Educational Discount for Students and Teachers of Qualifying Institutions.