Composers/Musicians of the Middle Ages

During the middle ages, there were several composers and musicians who contributed to the spread and evolvement of music. Here are some of them:
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Gilles Binchois

Composer who was also a soldier; believed to have been employed by the Earl of Suffolk during the English occupation of France.
During the Medieval period, two inventions were made that would greatly help choirs to sing in harmony and to sight-sing. These inventions were created by a monk and choirmaster named Guido de Arezzo. More »
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Moniot d'Arras

Composer who also served in the Abbey of Northern France as a monk.
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Guillaume de Machaut

Composer who was also the secretary of John of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia.
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John Dunstable

One of the leading English composers of his time. His works influenced other composers including Guillaume Dufay and Gilles Binchois. Aside from being a composer, he was also an astronomer and mathematician.

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Perotinus Magister

It is quite difficult to find information about composers who lived during the Medieval Period, but one name stands out when we think of composers of this time. Learn a little bit more about Perotin, believed to be the one who introduced four-part polyphony.

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Leonel Power

Composer who was one of the major figures in English music.

Her name remains prominent on the list of Medieval composers. Hildegard von Bingen wrote what is considered the earliest known musical drama in history entitled "The Ritual of the Virtues." More »