Computers and Computer Peripherals in Mandarin

Learn to talk about computers

Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for computers and computer peripherals with this Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list. Entries include audio files for pronunciation practice of Mandarin Chinese words for computers and computer peripherals.

In modern society, computers are used everyday and by starting to think and talk about computers in the target language (Mandarin), you can integrate it more into your daily life. This is a very powerful way of learning, much more so that simply regarding these words as facts you need to memorise.

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English: Computer
Pinyin: diàn nǎo
trad: 電腦
simp: 电脑

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Compact Disk

English: Compact Disk
Pinyin: guāng dié
trad: 光碟
simp: 光碟

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Floppy Disk

English: Floppy Disk
Pinyin: cí dié piàn
trad: 磁碟片
simp: 磁碟片

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Hard Drive

English: Hard Drive
Pinyin: yìng dié
trad: 硬碟
simp: 硬碟

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Joy Stick

English: Joy Stick
Pinyin: kòngzhì gān
trad: 控制桿
simp: 控制杆

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English: Keyboard
Pinyin: jiànpán
trad: 鍵盤
simp: 键盘

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English: Laptop
Pinyin: bǐjì xíng diàn nǎo
trad: 筆記型電腦
simp: 笔记型电脑

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Memory Stick

English: Memory Stick
Pinyin: suí shēn dié
trad: 隨身碟
simp: 随身碟

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English: Memory
Pinyin: jìyìtǐ
trad: 記憶體
simp: 记忆体

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English: Monitor
Pinyin: yíng mù
trad: 螢幕
simp: 萤幕

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English: Motherboard
Pinyin: zhǔjībǎn
trad: 主機板
simp: 主机板

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English: Mouse
Pinyin: huá shǔ
trad: 滑鼠
simp: 滑鼠

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Power Supply

English: Power Supply
Pinyin: diànyuán gōngyìng qì
trad: 電源供應器
simp: 电源供应器

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English: Printer
Pinyin: lièbiǎo jī
trad: 列表機
simp: 列表机

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Sound Card

English: Sound Card
Pinyin: yīn xiào qiǎ
trad: 音效卡
simp: 音效卡

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English: Speakers
Pinyin: mài kè fēng
trad: 麥克風
simp: 麦克风

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Video Card

English: Video Card
Pinyin: xiǎnshì qiǎ
trad: 顯示卡
simp: 显示卡

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English: Webcam
Pinyin: wǎnglù shèyǐngjī
trad: 網路攝影機
simp: 网路摄影机

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