Tips for Teachers: How to Conduct the First Day of School

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Want to know the secret to success on what to do the first day of school? The secret is to plan. It's all in the preparation and details that will help your first day of school be a success. Use the tips and suggestions below to help successfully plan for your first day of school.

1. Prepare Yourself

In order for you to feel comfortable on the first day of school, you must first prepare yourself. If you are a new teacher or teaching in a new classroom, you should familiarize yourself with the school policies and procedures.

Take a tour of the school campus, learn where the closest bathroom is and introduce yourself to the teachers you will be teaching with. It’s also a good idea to purchase essential items such as hand sanitizers, tissues, water bottles, band-aids and other small items to stash in your desk in case of an emergency.

2. Prepare Your Classroom

Set up your classroom to reflect your personal teaching style and personality. This is a place that you will spend eight hours a day, five days a week. Think of it as your second home for the next nine months. Prepare your bulletin boards and arrange your desks in a fashion that will emulate your individual style.

3. Prepare Your Students

Most children get those first days of school jitters. To help alliviate this, send a welcome letter to each student explaining essential information. Include information such as who you are, what they will expect throughout the year, a list of supplies needed, a class schedule, important contact information and volunteer opportunities.

Once your classroom is set up, and the activities and lesson plans are prepared and ready to go, follow this sample first day of school routine.

Sample School Day

Arrive Early

Arrive at school early to make sure everything is in order and the way that you want it to be. Check to make sure that desks are in order, name tags are in place, classroom supplies are ready to go and everything is the way you like it.

Greet Students

Stand outside of the door and greet students with a handshake as they walk in the classroom. Ask students to find their name on the desk and put their name tag on.

Tour the Classroom

Once students are settled into their seats give them a tour of their new classroom. Show them places like where the bathroom is, the coatroom, where to put homework assignments, school lunch menu, etc.

Develop Class Rules

Together brainstorm class rules and consequences and post them in an area where students can refer back to them.

Go Over Classroom Procedures

Throughout the school day talk about, and point out classroom procures. Sharpen your pencil first thing in the morning, turn your homework into the correct basket, after completing morning work sit quietly and read a book etc. Train your students for all classroom procedures so they will understand what they are supposed to do.

Assign Classroom Jobs

An effective way to teach children to be responsible is to assign each student a classroom job. You can either assign each student a job or have them fill out a job application for a specific job they may want.

Getting to Know You Activities

Not only will you have to get to know your students, but they will need to get to know you and their fellow classmates as well.

Provide a few ice breaker activities to help relieve the first day jitters.

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