Contact with a Shadowman

Mike W. has a close encounter -- contact -- with an entity we've come to know as a shadow person

Most encounters with shadow people - those smoky, person-shaped entities that move around in the dark - are fleeting glimpses. They are seen out of the corner of one's eye, swiftly passing across a wall or ducking around a corner. As the most common type of alleged shadow person sightings, to be open-minded and rational we have to wonder if these quick glimpses are nothing more than imagined or just ordinary shadows of some kind. Maybe they're real, maybe they're not.

Another kind of shadow person encounter - a close encounter of the second kind, to borrow J. Allen Hynek's UFO classification system - is rarer and more compelling: the witness sees the shadow entity for an extended period, not merely a passing glance. It could be for a half minute, a few minutes or even more. The witness can often also detect human-like movement: the raising of an arm, the turn of a head, or walking. In other words, the witness gets a pretty good look at the thing and is able to describe it in some detail. Very often, these detailed descriptions compel the witness to ascribe an intelligence to the spectre; it's not just a shadow, it seems to be an entity that moves and even reacts with purpose.

A shadow person encounter of the third kind is rarer still: contact. In this case, the witness actually is touched or is otherwise affected physically by the entity. This is the case with Michael W., who had his remarkable close encounter in the fall of 1998. This is Michael's story....

IT WAS LATE SEPTEMBER of 1998 and a close friend of mine had just purchased his first home. It was just outside the city of Mansfield, Ohio. Being that we were both single guys in our early twenties and needing a place to live, we decided that I would move in and help with the house payment. A young family had previously occupied the home, and we had to do some painting to make it a suitable dwelling for two young bachelors.

We hadn't quite moved in when my first encounter with a shadow person occurred. After a long night of painting by a couple of friends and myself, I decided that I would just spend the night and sleep in a bean-bag chair I had brought along because we didn't have furniture yet. My friends said goodnight, and after cleaning up the mess from painting I turned off the living room light and relaxed in the bean-bag chair.


I almost instantly fell asleep. I awoke sometime in the middle of the night feeling extremely thirsty. I stood up in the new and unfamiliar surroundings and tried to get my bearings because it was extremely dark. I walked to the next room, which was the kitchen, and stumbled through empty cardboard boxes to the sink. There was a small window above the sink that provided a very small amount of natural light. I poured a large glass of the odd-tasting "well-water" and gulped it down hungrily. I felt absolutely parched and I wondered to myself it was because of the fresh paint fumes.

I put the empty glass on the sink... and that's when I got the distinct feeling that someone was watching me. This feeling caused my senses to heighten and I quickly shook off my sleepiness.

I instantly had the impulse to turn on the kitchen light and turned my head to the left so my eyes could find the switch in the dark.

There at the top of the basement stairs and in front of the light switch I could distinctly make out the figure of what I automatically assumed was my good friend Larry. I was now awake, and my mind tried to rationalize what he was still doing here in the middle of the night, in an empty house, staring at me in the dark.

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"Hey man, I thought you left earlier," I said almost instinctively. No answer. My eyes desperately tried to focus on the dark figure standing five or six feet tall and only three or four feet away. I could feel my heart rate increase as it became more obvious to me that this was not my friend Larry. My mind raced to try and reason with the situation. I was still absolutely convinced that I was looking at a living person.

My guard went up with the dangerous possibilities of who it could be. After all, I was in a new neighborhood, an unfamiliar house, and a town in which I had never lived before.

I have always carried a flip-open pocket knife in my front pocket and I pulled it quicker than I ever had before. As I snapped the blade open in front of me, I bid warning to the "person" standing in my path.

"Look, man, you better speak up or turn that light on! You are freaking me out."


For what was probably only seconds, yet seemed like minutes, I stared into the dark, my pupils dilating, desperately trying to focus. Then in an instant the shadow moved forward in my direction! I lunged forward with the knife extended outward, my adrenaline surging at the extreme nature of what was occurring. I saw the shadow move into my arm as if deliberately trying to impale itself on my weapon, and it kept on coming!

I let out what must have sounded like a guttural scream as my mind finally realized this was not a living person but something "else" entirely.

It passed over my arm and continued its path straight through my body, sending shivers through me and testing the limits of my sanity! I spun around in a circular motion 180 degrees.

I saw the shadow moving at an almost leisurely pace away from me. It proceeded through the large kitchen, into the adjoining dining room, and finally through the wall that would have led outside if it were a door!

I turned and dove for the light switch, panting and reeling from the absurdity of what had just happened. The light came on immediately and illuminated the room. I looked in every direction and even grabbed at my body parts to make sure I was awake. Yes, I was wide awake now! I turned on every light on that floor of the house. I was shaking as I went from room to room searching for something that was not there. Finally, I grabbed my coat and keys and headed for my old apartment, which was a twenty minute drive from there. It was after four in the morning and needless to say, I was awake the rest of that night.


When I told my friend about the encounter, he shrugged it off as a "dream" or just "being in a new place." To this day, I am every bit as certain as I was that night of the reality of the encounter. Oddly enough, I never had any more paranormal occurrences in that house. We did, however, discover some odd things about the place after moving in.

One day while removing an old address plate from the tree that stood out front, my friend was shocked to find a former address number underneath it, 1666 was the number.

I am sure I don't have to express the implications of that number to any of the readers here. I also recently discovered that the old brick home is perfectly aligned to magnetic north with precision geometry. This is only one of many paranormal events I have witnessed or encountered during my 39 years of life. I will however save those experiences for another time.