Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Using Prayer and Meditation Tools

How to Prepare Religious Art, Candles, Crystals, Essential Oils

candles oils crystals
You can prepare to contact your guardian angel by using prayer or meditation tools such as candles, crystals, art, incense and essential oils. People Images/Getty Images

As you prepare to contact your guardian angel through prayer or meditation, you may find it useful to use some tools to help you focus on communicating with your angel. The tools that people most often use are religious art, candles, crystals, and aromatherapy (scents such as those produced by essential oils and incense).

Religious Art

You may find it helpful to place an angel statue or figurine in the space you use for prayer or meditation.

Other images that symbolize your faith (such as a cross) can also help you focus.


The burning flames of candles symbolize the light of hope that holy angels bring into the darkness of this fallen world. Different colors of candles correspond to the different angel light ray colors that represent the various specialties of different types of angels. Which color you choose depends on what you want to talk with your guardian angel about. Read about the different candle color meanings here:


Since crystal rocks can store and magnify electromagnetic energy, and angels work within the light that vibrates at certain electromagnetic frequencies, people sometimes use crystals to help them attract the energies of angels with whom they hope to communicate.

Here, you can learn more about what angel prayer crystals are and how to use them.


The practice of aromatherapy is using fragrances to change your mood.

Some people like to use different types of scents to help them feel calm and focused before beginning to pray or meditate.

You may burn incense, which has a long tradition of symbolizing people's prayers ascending to heaven. Or you may spray essential oils (the pure oils of plants, such as those made from flower essences) in the space you use to pray or meditate.