Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Choosing a Place and Time

How to Choose the Best Times and Places to Contact an Angel Who Watches Over You

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Choosing the best times and places to connect with your guardian angel will help you focus well on prayer or meditation. Reza Estakhrian/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Although your guardian angel can make contact with you at any time to fulfill a specific mission, it helps when you're the one initiating contact to choose the best times and places to focus on meditation or prayer. That focus can help you communicate well with the angel (or angels) whom God has assigned to watch over you.

It's best to plan to contact your guardian angel when you're most alert and able to receive whatever messages your angel may choose to send you.

When do you have the most energy? When are you best able to leave distractions behind so you can notice how your angel communicates with you?

Many people choose to either begin their days by contacting their guardian angels soon after waking up each morning or by praying or meditating to their angels right before going to sleep at night, since those transition times help them either begin or end their day with angelic inspiration. Some people choose their lunch break in the middle of the day to check in with their guardian angels. There's no specific time that's right for everyone; just choose whatever time works best for you.

It can help to consider your main purpose for contacting your guardian angel. If it's for guidance, praying or meditating in the morning as you begin your day may be the right time for you. If it's for encouragement or strength, contacting your angel while you're in the middle of a busy day may be the best time.

If you hope to receive a message from your guardian angel in your dreams, bedtime may work best for you.

Once you choose a time to contact your guardian angel, try to make a habit of meditating or praying to your guardian angel regularly at that time whenever possible. Think of it like making appointments with your guardian angel to get to know him or her better over time.

It's also important to choose the best place for communicating with your guardian angel. A quiet environment where you can be by yourself works best, since silence and solitude can both help you focus on prayer or meditation.

Consider where you can best find silence and solitude: a room in your home, a spot in your yard, your car, or a local park? Ask God to show you which place will work best for developing your relationship with your guardian angel.

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