Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Feeling Messages

Emotional Messages Your Guardian Angel May Send You During Prayer or Meditation

spark of emotion feeling
While you pray or meditate, your guardian angel may send you a message in the form of a specific type of emotional feeling. Phil Ashley/Getty Images

When you make contact with your guardian angel through prayer or meditation, you'll likely feel an overwhelming sense of love, since your guardian angel loves you so deeply that the emotional energy of that love often radiates from your angel to you during communication. But your angel may also choose to send you specific messages comprised of other emotions that are designed to convey a certain meaning to you.

Usually, the feelings your guardian angel sends you as messages will be positive emotions, such as joy and peace. But if your guardian angel has a good reason for sending you a negative emotion (such as sorrow or anger), he or she may do so. One negative emotion that guardian angels will never send, however, is fear. That's because fear is incompatible with love and faith. If you ever feel afraid while praying or meditating, test the identity of the angel who is communicating with you, because fear is a sign of a fallen angel's presence.


Your guardian angel may rejoice with you about something good that's happening in your life by sending you a feeling of joy during prayer or meditation. Just like a cheerleader, your angel is constantly rooting for you to experience the best in life, and when you do, your angel enjoys celebrating with you.

For example, if you've recently seen a dream come true (such as becoming a parent or starting a job you'd been hoping to get) your guardian angel may send you a celebratory message about that in the form of a strong, joyful emotion.


You may feel a sense of peace wash over you like a gentle mist when you're communicating with your guardian angel. Your angel never wants to see you stressed or anxious, and if you ask for help letting go of stress or worry, your angel will likely send you a peaceful feeling to soothe you.

For instance, if you've anxious about how you're going to solve a perplexing problem, your guardian angel may send you a feeling of peace to help you trust that God will help you figure it out.


Whenever you're going through a painful experience, your guardian angel can feel your pain, and your angel may let you know that he or she understands what you're feeling by sending you a sad feeling during prayer or meditation.

For example, if you're grieving the death of someone, your angel may use a sad emotional message to comfort you and help carry your emotional burden. Your guardian angel wants you to know that he or she takes your pain seriously and is there for you in the midst of it.


If your guardian angel wants to urge you to do something to help fight injustice in the world, he or she may make you angry about the problem so you'll be motivated to help solve it. For instance, if God is calling you to do something to fight hunger (such as donate to your local food bank or volunteer there), your guardian angel may make you feel angry that so many people go hungry in this fallen world, as a way of encouraging you to do help alleviate the problem.

Keep in mind, though, that your guardian angel always wants you to use anger constructively (to accomplish something good) and never destructively (in ways that hurt others). Any anger that your guardian angel sends you is righteous anger that God wants you to use for good purposes.


Your guardian angel may send you a feeling of alarm if you're facing a dangerous situation. The alarming feeling is designed to alert you to the danger so you can avoid or escape it. If you experience this while praying or meditating, pay attention to the topic you're focusing on -- it may be a clue to something dangerous in your life about which your angel is trying to warn you, in order to protect you.

For example, if you're praying about a situation involving someone you're dating and that person isn't healthy for you, your guardian angel may send you an alarming feeling as a signal that you should be cautious about that relationship.

If you're not sure why your angel is making you feel alarmed about whatever you're discussing in prayer or meditation, just ask your angel for the clarification you need to understand the message.