Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Recording Messages You Receive

How to Record Video or Audio, or Write in a Journal

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The messages your guardian angel sends you during prayer or meditation are too important to forget, so try to record them when they're fresh in your mind. Hero Images

Anytime your guardian angel chooses to communicate with you through prayer or meditation, your angel has something important to tell you. So it's vital not only to pay attention, but also to record the angelic messages when they're fresh in your mind. Here's how to use video, audio, and writing in a journal to record messages from guardian angels:

Pay Attention to Communication in Any Form

Your angel may communicate many different kinds of messages to you: from words (either written or spoken) and emotions to scents and physical touch.

The way in which your angel chooses to send a message to you reflects the way in which you can best receive the content of that particular message. So there's a variety of ways you may sense your angel reaching out to you.

Be open to any sign your angel may send your way, doing your best to stay alert so you can notice angelic messages in any form. Keep in mind that your angel may communicate indirectly, as well, through symbols such as colors, numbers, or shapes. Although angels use symbols the most often in dreams, they also sometimes use them in waking messages to people.

Notice and record whatever you can. Doing so will help you incorporate those messages into your life to help you grow closer to God and reach your fullest potential.

Use a Written Journal

A simple and easy way to record your angel's messages is to write them down in a journal that you keep nearby, as soon as you're done praying or meditating.

You may also type them electronically into your computer at home, or on a mobile device, if you prefer that.

Later, you can review your notes to reflect on them more and consider how best to apply them to your life. You may notice information that you don't understand at first, but that has some type of symbolic meaning to you -- either through a symbol's universal meaning, or a personal connection you have to it from your life experiences.

When you're interpreting a message, it can help to consider what the details that your angel brings to your attention represent symbolically.

It's especially important to record any patterns you may notice in the messages your angel sends you, since patterns are clues to figuring out the complete meaning of what your angel is trying to tell you.

Use an Audio Recording

Making an audio recording immediately after you pray or meditate allows you to quickly preserve what your angel told you, since you can speak faster than you can write. Audio also allows you to capture sounds or music that you hear during prayer or meditation, as long as you remember to start recording before you contact your angel -- just in case your angel may send you an audible message.

Electronic voice recorders (also called evp recorders), which are types of equipment that have been specially designed to record sounds coming from electromagnetic energy and convert them to audio, may possibly help you hear and analyze any spoken message your guardian angel wants to give you. That's because angels use electromagnetic energy when they manifest in the earthly dimension. But if your angel wants to be sure that you hear a verbal message, he or she is perfectly capable of speaking it clearly and loudly enough for you to hear it without using any special equipment.

Use a Video Recording

You can express your guardian's message in creative ways on video, from acting it out to showing symbols that relate to the message. If you record video during the time you spend contacting your angel, you may even get some footage that shows light (such as an orb, in which guardian angels often travel) or some other visible sign of your angel's presence with you.