A Guide to Becoming a Contestant on NBC's "Minute to Win It"

And How You Can Now Play at Home

Minute to Win It Contestant
Courtesy NBC

The popular game show "Minute to Win It" — last hosted on NBC by Guy Fieri and GSN by Apolo Ohno— was a game in which you didn't need knowledge of trivia or any special skill set to play, you just needed to be able to handle household objects in creative ways in less than a minute. Although the Game Show Network version of the show stopped filming in 2014, it was relatively simple to get on the show.


Fortunately, watching old re-runs you can get an idea of how the game functioned and even recreate the magic in your own living room for you and your friends! In recent years, hosting "Minute to Win It" parties have become a popular pastime for teenagers and adults alike!

How Contestant Applied

Since this was a prime-time show, there was no set recording schedule. This meant that hopeful contestants would have to keep an eye out for casting calls to find out when they'll be looking for new participants for the show. The NBC casting page does still contain details for other shows, but once served as a hub for hopeful participants.

These hopefuls would then submit their basic contact information, a recent photo and a paragraph about themselves to an e-mail listed on the site. They were then required to title the e-mail with their city and state of residence and include in the body a paragraph that made them seem fun.


Alternatively, contestants could also mail in a video and written application that started with their name, age, hometown, and current occupation. Many of these videos took the viral video format to heart, creating unique and interesting showcases of their talents that fit the show's games. The videos had to be between three and five minutes and be on DVD of DV that was clearly labeled with contestant name, address, and telephone number.

The completed package would then be mailed to "Minute to Win It" at P.O. Box 1599 in Studio City, CA (91514-0599). Note that this address is no longer in use for Minute to Win It Casting. It is provided only as a reference. The show is not currently filming new episodes, though this page will be updated if that changes.

Play the Games at Home

Even though you can no longer be on the television game of Minute to Win It, the games themselves are perfect to play at home, for parties or just general family fun. Check out this list of all of the games from the show to set up and play them yourself.

From Chandelier to Tipsy — both games you can play with cans — to "Johnny Applestack" and "How's it Hangin'" — both games involving fruits — all you need is a few household items, a stopwatch, and some fun friends to enjoy all the magic of this classic game right from home.